Cyrus Haselman, MD

Cyrus Haselman, MD


Seattle, WA

Medical School

University of Washington

Hobbies, facts and interests

I was born by the sea in Forks, WA before the vampires arrived.  My parents took me exploring in a baby backpack and I have continued the trend.  I majored in international studies and traveled to Beirut, Cairo, Amman, and Damascus before it was destroyed. Before medical school I worked as a finish carpenter, wildland firefighter, and as a field instructor in a wilderness therapy program for adjudicated teens in SE Alaska. Throughout the years I’ve cultivated a love for wilderness and spend my free moments climbing, skiing, and paddling with my friends. I have a van that I tinker with and a canoe named ShitBird.

Why Fresno?

1.Incredible training with huge volume, very sick, underserved, ethnically diverse patients, and a place where EM residents are highly respected in the hospital.  You learn to do a lot here as there are no training programs in ENT, urology, or ophtho. It is procedure heavy with high threshold for calling consultants. 2. A down to earth culture with an emphasis on hands-on training but also strong didactics and a variety of opportunities for research. 3. Park Medic Program: UCSF-Fresno residents train National Park Service ParkMedics on an annual basis as well as teaching EMT refreshers and MCI drills. You also get to be involved in EMS administration in the Park Service. 4. 2 to 3 hours from Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Pacific beaches, 4 to 5 hours from Tahoe, Bishop, Red Rock Canyon.  If you are a climber, it doesn’t get any better than here. 5. Very low cost of living and no traffic.

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