Thomas Hull, MD

Thomas Hull, MD


San Clemente, CA

Medical School

Loyola University Chicago/Harvard

Hobbies, facts and interests

INFP. Game of Thrones House: Baratheon. I grew up on the beach swimming surfing and running beach volleyball, then played football for Harvard, and worked as an ER Scribe prior to med school in Chicago. I majored in Human Evolutionary Biology and like learning about the cosmos and our history in it; minored in Art History because also wanted to see our story as told by us. I like the outdoors, going to the gym, watching sports especially tennis/football/hockey (now like a Trojan/Redskins/Patriots/Bears/Cubs/Ducks fan), and am pretty into movies. I own a Lucasfilm limited-edition master replica Darth Vader lightsaber and my two favorite movies are Pixar’s Wall-e and Terrence Malick’s The New World. 

Why Fresno?

Fresno is well-established program providing diverse training: a county-type ED, with the academics of UCSF, but in a somewhat rural community setting. The 4-year aspect also allows you to have more varied elective experiences, which was good for someone with curiosities from Pediatrics to Tactical Medicine (the innocents and those who protect them if looking at it symbolically). Set in the Central Valley it has echoes of Steinbeck, and the people here feel equally authentic, and, as Bilbo said: “I want to see Mountains again, Gandalf, Mountains..”​

Education & Recognition

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