Welcome to the UCSF Fresno Department of Surgery webpage.  We hope you find the information here valuable.  UCSF Fresno recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with the opening UCSF Fresno Center.  This 30 million dollar center for medical education and research is an indicator representing the support from the University of California.  The new UCSF Fresno Center for Medical Education & Research is located on the CRMC campus.

The UCSF Fresno Surgery Residency Program is simply the best at what we do: provide outstanding, broad-based, clinical general surgery education.  The faculty is all actively engaged in resident education.  From day one to completion of the residency, residents have one-on-one faculty mentoring and a wealth of clinical opportunities.  Resident obtain extensive experience in elective surgery including oncology, GI, biliary, breast colorectal, thoracic, vascular and endocrine surgery.  Residents are certified in FLS and they gain significant experience with advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques. There is also exposure to orthopedics, urology, plastic, ENT, neurosurgery, cardiac and transplant surgery.  The trauma, critical care and burn components provide abundant experience.  Residents work with nationally known faculty in these areas. There are abundant clinical research opportunities. 

The residents obtain tremendous hands-on experience providing care to patients ranging from pediatric through geriatric age groups.  We graduate four chief residents each year. Our graduates function as practitioners of surgery at the high level of performance expected of board certified specialists. 

A one-year Surgical Critical Care Fellowship with additional experience in trauma is available for residents who seek board certification in Surgical Critical Care following their general surgery residency through the NRMP match.

A one-year MIS Fellowship, also available through the Fellowship Council Match.