The faculty at UCSF Fresno includes both core faculty at Community Regional Medical Center and the VA Health Systems and community-based volunteer faculty 

Chief of Surgery, Community Regional Medical Center
Program Director, UCSF Fresno Acute Care Surgery Fellowship
Steven N. Parks, MD, Endowed Chair
James W. Davis, MD, FACS, Chief of Trauma


Program Director, UCSF Fresno Surgical Residency

Mary Wolfe, MD, FACS


Acute Care Surgery/Critical Care/General Surgery

James W. Davis, MD, FACS, Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Program Director
John F. Bilello, MD, FACS
William J. Dominic, MD, FACS
Nancy Parks, MD, FACS, Acute Care Surgery & Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship Associate Program Director
Krista L. Kaups, MD, FACS, Surgical Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship Program Director 
Amy Kwok, MD, FACS, MPH, Surgery Residency Associate Program Director

Andrea Long, MD
Lawrence P. Sue, MD, FACS
Mary Wolfe, MD, FACS, Surgery Residency Program Director

Shana Ballow, DO



William J. Dominic, MD, Director Burn Center


General Surgery
Christopher Kinter, MD, FACS


Endocrine Surgery
Christina Maser, MD, FACS


Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery
Babak Eghbalieh, MD, FACS

Amir Fathi, MD, FACS


Vascular Surgery
Randall G. Stern, MD, FACS
Leo Fong, MD

Kamell Eckroth-Bernard, MD

Anne Prentice, MD


Breast Surgery

Ibironke Adelaja, MD

Vassi Gardikas, MD
Debbie Gumina, MD


Narayana Ambati, MD



Brian Tonkinson, MD


Keith Boone, MD, FACS
Kelvin Higa, MD, FACS

Pearl Ma, MD FACS


Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Peter L. Birnbaum, MD

Richard Gregory, MD
Shamshuddin Kwaja, MD


Colon Rectal Surgery
John Garry, MD, FACS
William Carveth, MD, FACS

Phuong Haong Nguyen, MD


Plastic Surgery
Kent T. Yamaguchi, MD, FACS

Erich Lemker, MD


Pediatric Surgery
David Hodge, MD
Douglas Tamura, MD
Michael Allshouse, DO