The surgical residency encompasses basic science, cognitive technical skills, development of clinical knowledge, surgical judgment and maturity.

We have a competency based curriculum that includes specific goals & objectives for each year and each rotation. The graduated responsibility assures that the resident develops competence in all areas.





The following conferences are held weekly:


  • Burn Conference
  • Critical Care/Trauma
  • Journal club
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • SCORE Conference
  • Skills Lab
  • Surgical Grand Rounds
  • Tumor Board
  • Vascular Conference




The program covers a variety of topics for the weekly Skills Lab from suturing to more complex procedures and trauma/critical care simulation with SimMan. A Clinical Skills Lab is located at the UCSF Fresno building where residents have access to multiple simulation machines.  In addition, the Department of Surgery skills lab located in the surgery suite where residents have 24/7 access to simulation machines and FLS training boxes.  UCSF Fresno is an FLS testing center



The residents participate in an annual “Surgical X-Games” where residents compete against one another in different skill categories. The winners of the event are selected to attend the ACS Northern CA Chapter annual meeting and compete in the Surgical Jeopardy and Laparoscopic Bowl, which UCSF Fresno has won two years in a row (2015 and 2016).



Pictured below are the residents at the May 2016 ACS Northern CA Chapter annual meeting. Our residents won the Laparoscopic Bowl and Surgical Jeopardy a second year in a row.





The intern year consists of thirteen 4-week blocks and includes the following rotations:


PGY-1: Trauma surgery, burns/plastics, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, VA General Surgery, Elective Surgery, SICU, Anesthesia, ED/Research


All rotations are at CRMC.


Rotations during the second year through the fifth year consists of five 10-11 week blocks and includes the following rotations:


PGY2: Trauma Surgery, SICU, Vascular, USA Oncology, VA General Surgery
PGY3: CT/Breast Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Transplant, Elective Surgery, USA Oncology
PGY4: Trauma Surgery, Burns/plastics, Colorectal, Minimally Invasive Surgery (ALSA), SICU
PGY5: Trauma Surgery, Elective Surgery, VA General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, USA Oncology


Rotations during the PGY-2 through PGY-5 are at various hospital sites. All sites are located in Fresno, 20 minutes away from the CRMC (located in downtown Fresno). They include St. Agnes Hospital, Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital, the VA, and Valley Children’s Hospital.


The only rotation outside of Fresno is transplant which is at Moffitt Long Hospital in San Francisco, CA. Housing is provided in San Francisco.