Academic Conference Grant Application



Residents interested in attending academic conferences or international away electives may apply for a grant of up to $500.00 for conferences and $750.00 for away electives through the UCSF Fresno Resident Council.  The application will be reviewed, discussed and a decision to approve (or not) the request will be done monthly at the resident council meetings.  Each applicant must attend at least one council meeting or event in the quarter in which the grant application is received in order to be considered for grant funding. If the application is approved, receipts must be provided from the conference or away elective to be reimbursed.  Additionally, recipients of grant funds must incorporate what was learned (at the conference attended or during the away international elective) into an educational presentation to benefit other residents in their program or at UCSF Fresno. It is the goal of the resident council in approving grant funding to promote global health at UCSF Fresno and to promote opportunities for all residents at UCSF Fresno to learn from conference and/or away international elective experiences. **At this time we are not accepting  International grant applications. An application for an international conference may still be submitted, but it will only be reimbursed at the $500 non-international grant rate if approved.


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Please provide at least 100 words describing your interest in the conference and how you will be representing UCSF Fresno.

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