Our residents choose UCSF Fresno for postgraduate training in Psychiatry because they are seeking a smaller, clinically oriented residency program with a personalized approach. As a faculty, we strive to maintain a balance between the “service” that residents provide, and the education that they receive. Our diverse training sites, dedicated clinical teaching faculty, and extensive didactic curriculum all contribute to the character of the program, and attract residents with diverse backgrounds and interests. The ethnic diversity and low cost of living in Fresno also appeal to residents who value multiculturalism and quality of life.

Many of our trainees remain in the Central Valley after residency, working in a wide range of public and private sector positions, while others have chosen to continue their training in Fellowships. Because of the strong clinical foundation received during their training at UCSF Fresno, most graduates obtain Board Certification in Psychiatry.

There are wonderful teachers in the program… very knowledgeable and approachable, and great professional role models.

—Anna Xiao, MD
Program Graduate

One of the great things about UCSF Fresno is that it is small. This means that you get to work one-on-one with attendings a lot of the time. This kind of close supervision has made my learning experience a valuable one. Fresno is a great place to live. You’re close to everything, but don’t have the hassles (such as high cost of living and a lot of traffic) that you get in Los Angeles or San Francisco. My wife and I bought a house on my first-year resident’s salary!

—David Krassner, MD
Program Graduate

At UCSF Fresno we have time to enjoy our training…didactics are a priority and clinical work is designed to reinforce what we are learning. Creativity and individualism are encouraged. Our attendings are wise, knowledgeable team leaders. They enjoy teaching and seem to have as much fun as we do during our classes. If you are a big city fan, San Francisco and Los Angeles are nearby (I am from the Bay Area, and go there at least once a month). If you are an outdoors person, Sierra Summit with its wonderful ski and snowboard slopes is a 90-minute drive in the winter, and during the summer you can enjoy Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia and dozens of area lakes.

—Lena Sirbiladze, MD
Program Graduate

The faculty members are encouraging and friendly with a strong commitment to teaching. The clinical services provide diverse patient care experiences and yet the workload does not preclude individual reading or research. The atmosphere is relaxed and the program is very responsive to resident needs. Fresno is a great place to explore personal and professional interests while living in a very affordable and livable city

—Matt House, DO
Program Graduate