Over three years of residency, we want each resident to acquire the knowledge and skills that are essential for general pediatric practice.  Residents rotate primarily at Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) in Fresno and Valley Children’s Hospital in Madera.  Electives are also available at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital campuses in San Francisco and Oakland.


Each resident rotates locally in Child Development, Adolescent Medicine, and Community Medicine over the three years, which allows exposure to a strong base in the behavioral and social aspects of pediatrics. 


Team based Continuity Clinics are held in an urban community pediatric clinic, which ensures that each resident encounters a myriad of medical and psychosocial issues in a highly underserved area of California’s Central Valley. Because you spend one half-day a week (on most rotations) in your Continuity Clinic for three years, you are assured of volume and diversity of patients in primary and secondary outpatient care.  Continuity teams cover weekly educational topics together utilizing Yale Curriculum and Collaborative Office Rounds (COR) with other staff including Developmental Behavioral pediatricians.


In the Clinic setting, residents, pediatric nurse practitioners, medical assistants, registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers and experienced attending physicians form a Team to provide excellence in patient care and practical bedside education.  Community Regional Medical Center is also the home of Regional Pediatric Special Services (HIV Care) and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs. 


Inpatient rotations occur at CRMC, a regional perinatal referral and trauma center in the heart of downtown Fresno, and at VCH, the regions only free-standing children’s hospital.

During residency, residents may rotate in the various pediatric specialties including, but not limited to: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Genetics, Hematology, Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pulmonary, Rehabilitation Medicine, Rheumatology, Toxicology, Trauma, Burns, Orthopedics, Plastics, ENT, Surgery and Urology. 


Our mid-size program, and the absence of pediatric subspecialty fellows, allows a close working relationship between caring subspecialists and residents. 



UCSF Fresno Pediatrics: Block Rotations for 2017-18 Academic Year*
(Arranged as thirteen (13) block rotations, each 4 weeks long, per academic year, unless otherwise specified below.)


R1 R2 R3

Emergency Med (CRMC)

NICU and Delivery
Resuscitation (CRMC)

Inpatient (CRMC)

Heme-Onc Inpatient (VCH)

Inpatient (VCH)

Night Shift-Inpatient


Night Shift (CRMC)

Clinic (CRMC)

Child Development (CRMC)


Newborn (CRMC)




Anesthesia and Subspecialty

(2 weeks each)




Emergency Med (VCH)

NICU CRMC/Hospitalist VCH (2 weeks each)

Inpatient Senior (CRMC)

Night Shift (VCH/CRMC)




Clinic Senior (CRMC)


Night Shift CRMC/Clinic

(2 weeks each)


Adolescent Medicine







Call Free/Away Elective



Inpatient Senior (VCH)

NICU Senior (CRMC)

Inpatient Senior (VCH)


Inpatient-Night Shift-

Clinic Senior (Variable


Night Shift Senior (CRMC)


Inpatient/Clinic Senior


Community Medicine










Call Free/Away Elective





CRMC = Community Regional Medical Center, VCH = Valley Children’s Hospital



Each resident has weekly team based continuity clinic(s) on most rotations for each year.  Research is incorporated into various rotations over the 3 year curriculum.  * Subject to change based on ACGME, UCSF, and Pediatric Residency Program Requirements.


CRMC (Community Regional Medical Center)
CHC    (Children's Health Center)
VCH (Valley Children’s Hospital)