Residency training at UCSF Fresno provides residents with a comprehensive background in both the depth and breadth of general OBGYN. The procedural experience of the UCSF Fresno program is in line with the median of all residencies nationally, indicating both a depth of experience, and its dedication towards providing an environment which educations through experience, rather than leverages resident labor to provide cost effective patient care.




Situated in California’s Central Valley, the UCSF Fresno’s OBGYN residency leverages the area’s high fertility to provide above average experience in obstetrics. Additionally, UCSF Fresno services as the region’s only maternal-fetal transport providing a depth of experience for residents in all levels of obstetrical care, and provides the necessary depth to prepare residents for independent practice, particularly in areas with inadequate MFM back-up, for those interested in pursuing laborist positions, or those considering MFM fellowships.




Gynecologic experience at UCSF Fresno’s OBGYN residency provides the depth of experience necessary to develop the residents’ surgical skills. The ample volume of open cancer surgery cases provides the foundation for more advanced surgical skills. Building on these skills, the program provides opportunity to develop alternate surgical strategies using laparoscopic and hysteroscopic techniques. Graduates leave the program competent and confident in the core surgical skills needed by OBGYN generalists, specifically in hysterectomy, and able to address and assist in the more advanced surgeries in cancer and pelvic floor and MIS.





ABOG Written board exam results

100% pass rate for six years (2009-2015)