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March 18, 2003



  From as far away as New York City, to our own backyard, UCSF Fresno’s nationwide search for the Valley’s future doctors-in-training will be officially announced on Match Day, March 20. Over the past six months, UCSF Fresno has interviewed more than 600 medical students to fill 57 positions. The new residents will spend three to five years training to become the Valley’s future medical doctors.

“Match Day is a significant celebration for UCSF Fresno and the Valley,” said Joan Voris, MD, associate dean of UCSF Fresno. “Of the 57 new doctors arriving to train, we know that more than half will stay in the area to become the Valley’s future doctors.”

Since 1974, UCSF Fresno has trained approximately 2,200 physicians. UCSF Fresno provides specific training for seven medical specialties including family practice, pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and emergency medicine. Notable UCSF Fresno alumni include J. Phillip Hinton, MD, chief executive officer of Community Medical Centers; Graciela Esquivel-Aguilar, MD, chief of staff for Children’s Hospital of Central California; and Joan Voris, MD, associate dean of UCSF Fresno.

Match Day Celebration Event

Time: 2pm to 3pm  
Date: Thursday, March 20  
Place: University Medical Center, Fresno, California  
  445 S. Cedar Avenue (at Huntington Boulevard)  
  (Use Boyd Avenue entrance, located east off of Huntington. Event located in the lower level garden area at Boyd Street hospital entrance. Press parking in front.)  

Speakers: Joan Voris, MD, associate dean UCSF Fresno and UCSF Fresno Program Directors

More than 2,000 medical students apply to the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program each year, and 600 are interviewed. Of the 600, only 57 residents can potentially match with UCSF Fresno to train at the Medical Education Program. As a national standard, when both the resident and the prospective program mutually agree on the selection a “match” has occurred.

For more information please contact Cara Peracchi Douglas at 559.243.3606, or on the day of the event at 559.288.3257.