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Information Technology Services

155 North Fresno Street, Suite 317

Fresno, California 93701

Chief of Technology
Hossein Moazamipour


Provides network and system administration supporting Email, Web and Internet access. He also

manages the department staff.

Phone: 559 499-6666

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System Administrator
Nick Rubalcaba


Provides network and system administration, software support, and manages and designs web sites for

our programs.

Phone: 559 499-6664

Email: h

System Administrator
Harpreet Bains


Provides general PC support, software support, assists with network operations, database programming,

and the UCSF Fresno phone system.

Phone: 559 499-6663

Email: h

Computer Resource Specialist
Bobby McCon



Provides desktop support, software and is in charge of Clinical Skills Lab operations.

Phone: 559 499-6662

Email: h


Computer Resource Specialist
Patty Conley



Provides desktop and software support.

Phone: 559 499-6665