Internet/Email Account Form [PDF]





The computers at UCSF Center and UC Center are part of the UCSF Fresno network which provides them full access to licensed resources available to UCSF. To provide access to users at affiliated hospitals or home, 1 option is provided - SSL VPN. Please use the following tutorials for using this option.




To access from affiliated hospitals or other locations where users can not modify the configuration of computers, the SSL VPN connection at provides access to all licensed resources at However, users need to request a VPN account by following the link on the home page of Faculty, residents and staff can also try the link.  To request an account, UCSF faculty, residents, and staff need to use their employee ID before they can request the VPN account.  Faculty could get their UCSF employee ID by contacting Debbie Fields (, 499-6422). Residents and staff can contact HR office (, 499-6416) for the Employee ID.  Students can use their SSA and PIN to login to SSL VPN.  For all SSL VPN account issues, please call UCSF Customer support at 415-514-4100, option 2.



Detailed list of who to contact for your support issue.