The teaching faculty at UCSF Fresno includes both a core faculty at University Medical Center and the VA Hospital and a community-based volunteer faculty. The community-based volunteer faculty provides the residents with a number of specialty experiences including geriatrics, office orthopedics, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology in addition to primary care experiences in the community. Several physicians volunteer their time in the teaching program.  We will gradually add pages to highlight some of these important members of our teaching faculty.






Bobba, Vishnu MD

Buhari, Cyrus MD
Chann, Harcharn MD
John, Thampi MD
Joshi, Bipin MD



  Dhillon, US MD


General Medicine

Adams, Michael MD

Bush, Jason PhD
Lauber, Martin MD
Nguyen, Bao Anh Le MD
Sood, Pawan MD
  Alving, Loren, MD
  Battista, Matthew PhD
  Avula, V. Reddy MD
  Ibrahim, Dina MD
  Kane, Brent MD
  Hirasuna, Jon MD