Name: Nahera Adams
Name: Amarbir Bhullar Name: Maria Bisaha




Hometown: Modesto, CA Hometown: Hometown: Oakley, CA
Undergraduate: UC Irvine Undergraduate: Undergraduate: UC Davis
Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
Medical School: Government Medical College, Amritsar
Medical School: SUNY Upstate COM
About Me: Born and raised right here in the Central Valley. My hobbies include almond farming and cooking.  About Me: About Me:
Why UCSF Fresno?

UCSF Fresno is an excellent teaching hospital with a wide variety of pathology and a faculty eager to teach. The residents and faculty are extremely helpful and friendly. Being from the Central Valley, I look forward to staying in the area and serving the population here.

Why UCSF Fresno?


Why UCSF Fresno?



Name: Shilpi Gupta Name: Nasir Halim Name: Abbas Hasnain
Gupta Halim Hasnain
Hometown: Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA Hometown: Porterville, CA
Undergraduate: Undergraduate: UCLA Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Medical School: Saba University
Medical School: St. George’s University
Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara/NYMC
About Me: About Me: I grew up in Southern California.  I decided to pursue medicine through working with underserved communities.  I enjoy spending time with my family, hitting the gym, running, and anything and everything to do with cars. About Me: I am a small town boy who has been fortunate enough to have lived in many great cities.  Growing up in Porterville, I attended Monache High school, then Berkeley for my bachelor's, followed by obtaining my law degree at Trinity School of Law in Orange County.  After clerking in various civil and criminal law settings, I chose to obtain my MD at the 5 year Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara/New York Medical College program.  My wife, a local optometrist, has been with me from Manhattan, and now Central California.  I spend every free moment I have with my amazing wife and supportive family. 


Why UCSF Fresno?


Why UCSF Fresno?

I did a rotation at UCSF Fresno as a medical student and I knew from then on that this was where I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine.  To say the least, the Attending’s are dedicated to teaching, the staff is excellent, the resident’s are enthusiastic and and there is a top down culture of respect to every member of the team from the Administration.  The hospital has top-notch facilities, the surrounding community has world-class pathology, and the underserved population has an incredible need for care, all in the setting of a program with a strong academic foundation at its core.  

Why UCSF Fresno? Being from the Valley, UCSF was my top choice.  After doing two rotations here, I felt very comfortable with the facilities and found the directors/attendings/residents very cordial.  I knew I wanted to return to the Valley so I could treat the same population/demographic which I was so familiar with growing up in Porterville.



Name: Sanjay Hinduja
Name: Jennifer Hoang
Name: Christine McElyea
Hinduja Hoang McElyea
Hometown: Fremont, CA Hometown: San Jose, CA Hometown: Lafayette, CA
Undergraduate: Undergraduate: UCSD Undergraduate: St. Mary's College of California
Medical School: Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, Pune, India
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Medical School: Midwestern University
About Me: I enjoy playing basketball as well as trying different cuisines; of which there are plentiful in Fresno. About Me: I enjoy movies, hanging out with friends/family, hiking, yoga and food About Me: I love hiking and outdoor adventures.
Why UCSF Fresno?

I had a great interview experience here. The program explained everything in great detail. I just got a good vibe from everyone. UCSF Fresno has diverse pathology coupled with excellent faculty. Our program focuses on the use of technology to deliver educational sessions which I find very engaging. Lastly, the location is central for weekend getaways to the sierras, bay area or Southern California.

Why UCSF Fresno? During my interview, the residents and faculty were very welcoming. Everyone seemed relaxed and genuinely happy. There is so much pathology that the area offers, and it's great to be close to the Bay Area. Why UCSF Fresno? Incredible pathology with great faculty, staff and co-residents. I couldn't be happier with my choice.


Name: Lorean Nwosu Name: Hiral Patel Name: Ryan Pierce
Nwosu Patel Pierce
Hometown: Annapolis, MD Hometown: Hometown: Fresno, CA
Undergraduate: University of MD Undergraduate: Undergraduate: UC Santa Cruz
Medical School: New York Medical College Medical School: Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery
Medical School: St. George's University
About Me: Just talk to me About Me: About Me:

I enjoy water sports, rock climbing and just about any other outdoor activities.

Why UCSF Fresno?

I loved the vibe.  It was the only California that I applied to and it just felt right.

Why UCSF Fresno?


Why UCSF Fresno? I had wanted to come and practice medicine where I grew up. I was throughly impressed with the program and residents during the interview.  I am constantly amazed at the diversity of pathology I encounter on a daily basis. Whenever I get the urge to go to the beach or one of the various national parks it's just a short drive away.




Name: Pooja Reddy
Name: Ranjeet Singh                            Name:  Nitin Thinda




Hometown: Hometown: Fresno, CA Hometown: San Jose, California
Undergraduate: Undergraduate: Undergraduate:
Medical School: University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine
Medical School: Crimea State Medical University
Medical School: Kasturba Medical College, Manipal
About Me: About Me:  I like to spend free time with family and friends. My hobbies are knowing more about Universe and Physics, comparative theology and learning new languages.  I love sports, in particular running. About Me: ? I am the youngest in my family and was born and raised in California. I enjoy working with my hands: building things, taking things apart and putting them back together in the hope to understand how they work. I love spending time with my extremely large extended family and friends.

Why UCSF Fresno?



Why UCSF Fresno?

UCSF is one of the leading institutes in Internal Medicine post graduation not only in United States but in World. It became even more apparent after I had done volunteer work in CRMC. The emphasis is more holistic than i ever thought. It would be place for you if you want to learn practical and evidence based medicine. I really appreciate the constructive environment provided to the interns.


Why UCSF Fresno?

This program provides a great mix of the diverse patient population and pathology that you would expect in a community hospital as well as the didactics of an academic program. One of the first things I noticed when I interviewed here was how open, friendly and approachable the residents and attendings are. Everyone gets along great and is eager to teach and learn. I am truly grateful to be a part of such wonderful program.



Name: Maria Tran
Name: Jonathan Tse Name: Srilatha Venepally




Hometown: Hometown: Alamo, CA Hometown: India
Undergraduate: Undergraduate: UC Davis Undergraduate:
Medical School: Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Henderson
Medical School: Touro University Nevada
Medical School: Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences

About Me: ?   About Me: I love to play tennis, ski, hike, camp, backpack, and travel whenever I get the chance.


About Me: I enjoy traveling, watching movies, and spending quality time with my family and friends. 
Why UCSF Fresno?



Why UCSF Fresno?

One of the biggest aspects of this program that I did not get from many other programs when I was interviewing is the sense of community among the residents. I was amazed that the residents seemed like they were genuinely happy during their residency! And I believe that was because of how well they seemed to get along with each other in and out of the hospital. The faculty is amazing, always willing to take the time to teach in a comfortable learning environment. The pathology here is phenomenal considering CRMC is the major hub for all the crazy cases in Central California. Also, I can't complain that the drive home is only 2.5 hrs or 3.5 hrs down to LA.


Why UCSF Fresno?

UCSF Fresno is a great teaching program with cordial residents, faculty, and staff.  Program provides exposure to diverse patient population with appropriate learning environment.  I am confident that training here would give me a strong background to work in an unsupervised setting. 



Name: Priya Jayachandran
Name: Shruti Joglekar

Hometown: Cupertino,CA Hometown:
Undergraduate: Stanford University Undergraduate:
Medical School: University of Michigan
Medical School: Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Medical College
About Me: I grew up in the Bay Area and moved to Michigan for medical school. In my free time I enjoy classical Indian dance, oil painting, volunteering, and spending time with my family. About Me:
Why UCSF Fresno?

 I completed a preliminary year here and am thrilled to return to complete my Internal Medicine residency. UCSF Fresno is a great program with wonderful faculty and leadership and outstanding resident camaraderie. CRMC is a busy hospital and the patient population is diverse, offering endless learning opportunities.



Why UCSF Fresno?