Core curriculum series

In July of each academic year, first year fellows will be given daily core lectures in pulmonary and critical care medicine by the faculty. Fellowship attendance at all of these July conferences is mandatory. These include the following:

      1.   Static and Dynamic Mechanics
      2.   Spirometry/Lung Volumes
      3.   Airway Challenge Testing
      4.   Introduction to Bronchoscopy
      5.   Bronchoscopy and Sterile Technique/US-Guided Procedures
      6.   Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
      7.   Ventilation/Perfusion Relationships
      8.   Sleep Disordered Breathing
      9.   Dyspnea
      10.  Cough
      11.  Hemoptysis
      12.  Lung Nodule
      13.  Alveolar Ventilation/Transport of O2 and CO2/Diffusion
      14.  Regulation of Acid-Base Status
      15.  Approach to ILD
      16.  Approach to Lung CA
      17.  Pulmonary Consultation
      18.  Preoperative Pulmonary Evaluation
      19.  CXR/Chest CT Interpretation
      20.  Mechanical Ventilation/Troubleshooting the Ventilator

Weekly Conferences
Conferences are held at the UCSF Fresno. All fellows are required to attend 80% of all conferences.

  1. Chest Clinical Conference (Thursday, 7:30am)
  2. Core Curriculum Conference (Friday, 12:30pm)
  3. Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Tuesday, 8am)

Monthly Conferences

  1. Research Conference (twice monthly)
  2. Journal Club (1st Thursday, 12:30pm)
  3. Pathology Conference (2nd Thursday, 12:30pm)
  4. Morbidity and Mortality Conference (3rd Thursday, 12:30pm)
  5. QI conference (3rd Tuesday, 12:30pm)
  6. Pathophysiology (4th Tuesday, 12:30pm)