UCSF Fresno Resident Contract 2010/11

UCSF Fresno Resident Contract 2011/12

Revised July 2011

Resident Stipend and Benefits Summary

UCSF Fresno is a regional campus of the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.  Residents are employees of the University of California, San Francisco.  Residency programs are sponsored by the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program.  Major training partners in Fresno include: Community Medical Centers, Children's Hospital Central California, and the Veterans Administration Central California Health Care System. Training partners collaborate to provide residents with other benefits such as parking, meals, computer and Internet access.

(NOTE:  Reference herein to residents includes fellows)

Annual Stipend (Effective 7/1/11)

  Annual Gross Salary Monthly Gross Salary
PG-1 $49,291 $4,107.58
PG-2 $51,062 $4,255.17
PG-3 $53,071 $4,422.58
PG-4 $55,208 $4,600.67
PG-5 $57,635 $4,802.92
PG-6 $59,451 $4,954.25
PG-7 $61,624 $5,135.33

Notes: Chief residents receive an additional $150 per month during their chief resident assignment. However, chief residents at levels beyond standard length of training, i.e. PG-4s in Internal Medicine, receive regular PG-level pay as appropriate and do not receive the additional $150 per month.

fundsAvailable through program offices.

icense application fees:
Initial MD or DO license application fees are paid if an application is submitted to the state within the first six months of eligibility

Memberships Paid:
Fresno-Madera Medical Society
California Medical Association
American Medical Association
            (Member benefits include JAMA, California Physician)

Benefits (Residents are covered beginning first day of employment.)


Health Insurance Plans

■    Medical: Choice of a PPO plan (Bluecross) or an HMO plan (HealthNet). All include prescription drug coverage

■    Dental: Delta Dental

■    Vision: VSP Vision Plan

■    For more information on costs, co pays, and benefits please refer to: http://www.ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/index.php/residents/
Dependent coverage is also available

NOTE:   If you decline health coverage you automatically decline dental, vision, life and disability insurance benefits.


Long Term Disability

LTD (long-term disability) coverage is automatically included for all primary enrollees: Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Research Fellows, but not dependents. There is a 30-day waiting period from first date of disability.

Sun Life Assurance Co. provides the LTD policy and the coverage provisions are detailed on the benefits page located at: http://www.ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/index.php/residents/ There are no choices to be made in this area; all residents are covered at the same rate and for the same amount.

In essence, LTD pays a disabled trainee 66.67% of base salary (capped at $3,000/mo and after a 30 day wait period) for the duration of the disability. Maternity leave extending beyond 30 days can often be a qualifying disability; so, residents expecting to be on leave more than 30 days postpartum, are wise to file a claim.


Life Insurance/

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage is automatically included for all primary enrollees: Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Research Fellows, but not dependents.

Sun Life Assurance Co. provides the policy and the coverage provisions are detailed on the benefits page located at: http://www.ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/index.php/residents/ There are no choices to be made in this area; all residents are covered at the same rate and for $50,000.


Professional liability

Professional liability Insurance coverage is provided by UCSF.



There is a mandatory Defined Contribution Plan (Safe Harbor) deduction representing a contribution rate of 7.5% of monthly wages. This is a supplemental retirement benefit established because earnings as a resident/fellow are not covered under Social Security (FICA) Benefits. Enrollment is automatic and begins the first day of an eligible appointment. Contributions are deducted from monthly salary before income taxes are calculated, reducing taxable income. Upon separation from the University, you may request a distribution to be paid to you or arrange for a direct rollover of your money to an IRA or other qualified employer plan.


Workers’ Compensation

Worker's Comp provides medical care and wage loss reimbursement for job-incurred accidents or illness as governed by state law


Vacation & Educational Leave

15 days per academic year
5 days educational per academic year

NOTE:  Leave does not carry over from year to year.

Sick Leave

12 days per academic year
NOTE:  Leave does not carry over from year to year.

Bereavement Leave

Up to 3 days with full pay for death in immediate family, one day for grandparents, grandchildren, mother-in-law or father-in-law.  Counted as a part of sick leave.

  Family Leave (FMLA) Up to 12 weeks of leave coordinated with paid leave for personal illness, birth or adoption of a child, serious illness of a child, or to care for a parent or spouse who has a serious health condition. (Available after 12 months of employment and 1250 hours.)

Pregnancy Disability Leave

Up to four months of leave for medically certified disability due to pregnancy or childbirth. PDL and FMLA run concurrently for at least the first 12 work weeks of the pregnancy related disability. May use vacation/educational leave or sick time; balance unpaid

Medical or Personal Leave

May be requested and available without pay .

Military Leave

Up to 30 days of leave with pay while engaged in the performance of military duty.


Jury Duty

A resident who is called to Jury Duty or to Grand Jury Duty will not suffer a loss of regular pay for those days when one would otherwise be scheduled to perform their duties.

Please note: Absences may impact the amount of time credited for training. Additional training may be required by a specific specialty Board or the Residency Review Committee (RRC) if established limits are exceeded.  Residents should discuss the possible impact with their program director prior to planning leave time.

Other Benefits

Call Rooms

Available at training sites, generally private rooms with telephone and computer access

Direct Deposit

Monthly paychecks are automatically deposited. Automatic paycheck deposit available with most banks and credit unions

Employee Assistance Program

Confidential counseling program designed to help employees and families through difficult and stressful times. INSIGHT provides three free visits per six month period and referrals if needed

Health Services

--Initial OJI evaluation is done by health services at facility where incident occurs; subsequent follow up by worker's compensation provider.
--Annual PPD screening is required and provided at no charge.
--Hep B vaccinations & titers provided at no charge.
--Influenza vaccinations provided at no charge.

  Fresno House For approved rotations to San Francisco, housing is available close to the UCSF/Parnassus campus on a first-come, first served basis.

Housing/Living Quarters

Not generally provided by program except for some
required, distant rotations
, e.g. San Francisco

Internet access

Free email accounts provided by UCSF Fresno

Laundry Services

Available at training sites for contaminated items

  License Fair Held in Spring each year to assist with completion of California medical license forms. Includes notary, photo, fingerprints. Attended by representative from the Medical Board of California.


Provided at all major training sites while on duty


Free at all hospital training sites

Scrubs/lab coats

Scrubs and lab coats supplied at beginning of training program

Other benefits

  • Two-day paid orientation at beginning of first academic year
  • BLS/ACLS/PALS offered for a fee during orientation week.
  • Photographs provided for licensure applications