Name: Kyle Almodovar

Name: Chloe Brandow

Name: Grace Choi

Hometown: Antioch, CA

Hometown: Davis, CA

Hometown: Southern California

Undergraduate: UC Davis

Undergraduate: CSU, Chico


Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

Medical School: AZCOM, Midwestern University

Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine

About Me: I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, reading, cooking, home brewing, casual shooting at the range, and listening to music on a good set of headphones. 

About Me: I love the outdoors (hiking, road biking, skiing and soccer). I enjoy reading/listing to books on tape, and organize a women's book club with my sister in Berkeley. 

About Me: 

Why UCSF Fresno?  Very supportive administrative staff and residents, excellent teaching faculty and wide range of pathologies to learn from, plentiful resources provided by the hospitals and UCSF, superb research opportunities,  and Fresno being centrally located is just a short drive from wonderful hiking opportunities, and relatively short distance to the Bay Area and Socal.

Why UCSF Fresno? After living in Arizona and Illinois I was ready to come back to Northern California. I knew I wanted to come to UCSF Fresno after participating in a Sub-Internship here my 4th year of medical school. I enjoyed the energy of the faculty and residents and their eagerness to teach and learn. This program offers a great balance between community and academic medicine.

Why UCSF Fresno?



Name: Karamjit Dhaliwal-Binning

Name: Scott Drew

Name: Paymon Ebrahimzadeh

Hometown: Selma, CA

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Undergraduate: UC Davis

Undergraduate: TCU

Undergraduate: UCLA

Medical School: Ross University

Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, California

Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, New York

About Me: I grew up in Fresno County.  I graduated from Parlier High School and then went onto pursue undergraduate education at UC Davis.  I enjoy walking, sunsets, and reading.  

About Me: love all things outdoors, run, hike, sail, swim surf, board, camp...

About Me: Born and raised in Orange County, I was fortunate to have a wonderful family that fostered travel at a young age. In high school and college, disparities in health due to socioeconomic status and rights for gender and sexual orientation became a focus. Following college I moved to Cape Town, were I worked for a grassroots human rights organization that addressed disparities in health for infectious disease. An MPH in Epidemiology back at UCLA allowed me to formally understand and attempt to address disparities in health created by discrimination, and how poor socioeconomic status often begets poor health outcomes. I am interested in addressing this gap by practicing medicine in community settings where individuals are prevented from access to health care due to socioeconomic status. I am thrilled to have moved back to California where my perfect family and partner, Jacob, are. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing the sitar and saxophone, exploring Yosemite and the central California coast, and cooking and eating far too much. 

Why UCSF Fresno?   I always knew I wanted to return home to practice medicine.  The best part is that I am home AND part of a great program.  The staff, residents, and faculty are amazing.  There are numerous daily teaching opportunities, including noon lectures and didactics.  I feel confident that I will the gain the skills I need at UCSF Fresno to become a competent physician. 

Why UCSF Fresno? interested in Cardiology and Pulmonary Med

Why UCSF Fresno? UCSF Fresno is an excellent balance of an academic institution and at-need community setting, where from day one, everyone felt like a family. The institution and leadership foster pursuing and achieving greatness by giving all the possible opportunities to succeed - always in an atmosphere of true interest in making better physicians, by making better people.



Name: Kyle Heber

Name: Agustin Morales

Name: Faye Marlene Pais

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Hometown: Salinas, CA

Hometown: Mangalore, India

Undergraduate: UCSD

Undergraduate: UC Santa Cruz


Medical School: American University of the Caribbean SOM

Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine

Medical School: St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, India

About Me: My two loves are my family and medicine, everything else is tertiary. I am a veteran drummer of 20 years and a self-taught guitarist. My musical taste ranges from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Cat Stevens to Chopin to Dream Theater to The Killers: there is always a song in my head. I also enjoy traveling, hiking and movies.

About Me: When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. My basketball team will always be the LA Lakers (Kobe, Kobe, Kobe,Kobe...). Will one day take dancing lessons. Love to go hiking and camping!

About Me: I enjoy the outdoors, especially water sports. I love to travel, try out different foods, and go wine tasting.

Why UCSF Fresno? When you combine the resources and intellectual background of a university program with the heart and mission of a community hospital you get UCSF Fresno. As a new doctor, born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, I see and feel something incredibly special about this program. I remember this being my first interview of the season and how at the end of the day I kept repeating to myself "this place has ruined me for all other programs." I just knew this was where I wanted to be.

Why UCSF Fresno? As a UC Davis PRIME student, I had many rotations at UCSF Fresno.  I knew this program would be my top choice after several rotations because of the patients, residents, and amazing teaching faculty.

Why UCSF Fresno? UCSF Fresno has an excellent academic program, a strong commitment to research, and a warm and friendly work environment.  Together, these promote both learning and personal growth.



Name: Jonathan Pham

Name: Chirag Rajyaguru

Name: Rajpreet Saini

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Hometown: Union City, CA

Undergraduate: UCLA

Undergraduate: University of Illinois, Chicago

Undergraduate: UC Davis

Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, California

Medical School: AT Still University in Mesa, AZ

Medical School: Touro College of Osteopathic, Nevada

About Me: I like to spend my free time traveling to new countries, hiking with friends, and camping at places with great views. I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes and cooking for others.

About Me: Love playing soccer and seeing new places.

About Me: Easy going and down to earth

Why UCSF Fresno? I immediately felt at home on my interview day and realized that the UCSF Fresno program would offer a supportive environment for me to grow as a resident while ensuring that I was placed in a position to succeed.  The training at UCSF Fresno offered me the opportunity to learn a variety of health care delivery systems to address the needs of a diverse patient population.

Why UCSF Fresno? The outstanding training. I knew that coming here would mean that I had the chance to become a great physician. There is also a safe and fun learning environment that allows you to focus on medicine without any added stressors.

Why UCSF Fresno? I always imagined myself going to a program with a teaching focus to create an outstanding learning environment and where everyone treats each other no less than family members; UCSF Fresno offers just that!




Name: Raj Shah

Name: Harpreet Sidhu  

Name:  Chris Smith          

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Hometown:  San Leandro, CA

Hometown:  California

Undergraduate: Duke University

Undergraduate: UC Davis


Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Medical School: Chicago Medical School - Rosalind Franklin University

Medical School: St. George's University SOM

About Me: I was born in Jersey City, NJ and lived there until I was 12 years old. I moved down to North Carolina where my interest in medicine was first sparked when I volunteered in various local hospitals. I majored in Biomedical Engineering in undergraduate, did two years of basic science research, then moved on to medical school.

About Me:  I've lived all over California my entire life but spent the last half a decade in Chicago, which turned into a second home for me. Chicago is where I met my fiancé, became a doctor, all while learning how to shovel snow off my driveway. Whenever possible, I love spending time with my friends and family. My hobbies include playing basketball/football, watching movies and following the San Francisco 49ers.

About Me: ? 

Why UCSF Fresno? UCSF Fresno is a fantastic institution that offers a uniquely diverse patient population due to its location and status as a referral center. The presence of a large number of fellowship programs means that residents will have ample opportunity to advance their careers in specialties while the variety of cases allows ample experience for those who wish to practice upon completion of their training.

Why UCSF Fresno? While applying to IM residency programs, I mainly looked for the following 3 criteria: emphasis on teaching and patient care, collegial working environment and opportunities for fellowships and research. After spending a month as sub-intern at UCSF Fresno, I experienced all of the above and much more. The patient population and pathology is very diverse as residents at UCSF Fresno are trained at two sites (VA and CRMC). In addition, Fresno offers me the added benefit of being within a couple hours of driving distance from my family and friends.

Why UCSF Fresno?



Name: Tony Toribio     

Name: Matthew White

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Hometown: Kingsburg, CA

Undergraduate: California State University, Fresno

Undergraduate: UC San Diego

Medical School: Texas A&M COM/Loma Linda University SOM

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

About Me: : As a young child I immigrated with my family to Fresno from Mexico. I helped my parents pick grapes in the fields of Fresno County. Growing up uninsured with rare physician visits pointed me in the direction of patient care as a career. I attended West Fresno Elementary, Lone Star for middle school and Sanger High School. I participated in the HCOP program at Fresno State where I met my Wife, Janet.  We moved to Texas where she completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology and I began medical school at Texas A&M. I graduated from Loma Linda University after transferring when my wife matched into her internship at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I love spending time with our little one, my wife and 2 dogs. We enjoy the outdoors, mainly taking in the view at the beach or hiking. We also like to just sit back and catch up on movies.

About Me: I’m originally from the Central Valley and grew up outside a small Swedish town called Kingsburg on an organic plum/pluot orchard next to the Kings River. In my free time I really like being outside whether its picking plums on the home ranch, white water rafting in West Virginia or hiking up in Yosemite. I also enjoy scuba diving, kayaking and folding origami. Doing all these things with family and friends makes life so much more enjoyable. 

Why UCSF Fresno? I learned of UCSF Fresno when I applied for a high school research program. Since then I had the dream of becoming a doctor and coming back to Fresno to work with the largely medically underserved population. During my interview, everyone was friendly, down to earth and genuine. The faculty and senior residents seem very committed to helping us succeed. I want to work in the community where I grew up and mentor students like me. The location of the program was also important as my wife’s and my family live in the area. Also, nothing is better than being a short drive, bus/train ride away from the rest of California!

Why UCSF Fresno? UCSF Fresno cultivates a very collegial and intellectually stimulating environment for the residents in all of its programs. The friendliness of the IM residents and their enthusiasm for teaching, along with the outstanding attendings and incredibly diverse pathology  made my Sub-Internship in the ICU as a 4th year student one the best experiences I had in medical school. The program director, faculty, and staff are all very invested in the residents’ training, education and overall well being, making the Internal Medicine program feel like one big family. Ultimately, UCSF Fresno offers everything I was searching for in a residency program: excellent clinical training with strong academics, opportunities to serve local and international communities, and faculty who are genuinely invested in helping the residents grow professionally and personally. I am so grateful to be a part of this program and for the opportunity to serve the people of the Central Valley