We would like to maintain a connection with all of our graduates, keeping graduates connected with the program and with the residents, in order to create a large IM UCSF Fresno web-community to improve the quality of our program and to foster new generations of outstanding physicians, and to help those graduates in need.  Our group name in Facebook is: Graduates UCSF Fresno (IM Program). Please add the group to your Facebook account. You may add comments in our graduate morning report space, such as job offers or just a comment about the new website or to keep in touch with your class.



2016 Graduates



Akamine, Jennifer

Internal Medicine in Oahu, Hawaii

Baig, Nabil

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Ferdman, Robert

Hospitalist at Kaiser in Fresno, CA

Flanagan, Rebecca

Hospitalist in Vancouver, WA

Gilmore, Gregory

Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at UCSF Fresno

Oladimeji, Ololade

Hospitalist in Bakersfield, CA

Joglekar, Shruti

Faculty at VA Hospital, Fresno CA

Legesse, Ashenafi

Hospitalist at Community Hospital Medical Group

Mattu, Ramandeep

Primary Care in Parlier, CA

Ng, Jarae

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Oliver, Deanna

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Reddy, Kiran

Cardiology Fellowship at UCSF Fresno

Risco, Miguel

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Rosario, Jonathan

Hospitalist at Kaiser in Fresno, CA

Rubiaco, Gary

Hospitalist in Bakersfield, CA

Ryazantsev, Artem

Hospitalist in Springfield, MA

Smith, Christopher

CEP American in Montana

Vydro, Leonid

Endocrinology Fellowship in Chicago, IL



2015 Graduates



Pritisheel Banga

Endocrinology Fellowship, Florida

Christopher Chin

Hospitalist at Kaiser in Redwood City, CA

Brittany Doremus

Chief Residency at Loma Linda

Joshua Krol

Hospitalist at Kaiser in Vacaville, CA

Joshua Lin

Hospitalist in Southern CA

Pegah Mashayekhi

Sleep Fellowship at Baylor

Amir Najafi

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Marta Nalbandyan

Primary Care at Kaiser, Fresno

Hau Nguyen

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Tina Nhan

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Norman Orr

Hospitalist in Southern CA

Scott Price

Returns to Montana to practice medicine

Kazi Rahman

Academic Hospitalist at CRMC, Fresno

Jose Robles-Huerta

Neurohospitalist at CRMC, Fresno

Reza Ronaghi

UCSF Fresno Chief Residency

Christopher Russo

Hospitalist in Stockton, CA

Steven Sheh

Primary Care in San Jose, CA

Linda Truong

Endocrinology Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ