I appreciate the time that I spent in the UCSF Fresno Internal Medicine program, and the preparation that I received for practice.  There was an emphasis on always improving the system so that resident learning and patient care would be maximized.  The program director, Dr. Darden, has very high standards and is willing to accept any challenge to make changes when they are needed.  She is receptive to resident input and very hard-working.  


The learning sites are also excellent, including Community Regional Medical Center and the VA.  There is a diversity of pathology to learn from, and patients of many different backgrounds. 
At the end of my training I felt comfortable to care for any medical patient in any situation, from ambulatory to critical care settings, knowing where and how to look for new and updated information as needed.


 — Jeanette Rylander, 2007 Internal Medicine Chief Resident




We would like to maintain a connection with all of our graduates, keeping graduates connected with the program and with the residents, in order to create a large IM UCSF Fresno web-community to improve the quality of our program and to foster new generations of outstanding physicians, and to help those graduates in need.  Our group name in Facebook is: Graduates UCSF Fresno (IM Program). Please add the group to your Facebook account. You may add comments in our graduate morning report space, such as job offers or just a comment about the new website or to keep in touch with your class.





2014 Graduates



Amita Kalra

Gastroenterology Fellowship, SUNY Downstate

Michael Cheung

Rheumatology Fellowship, UC Irvine

Emerson De Jesus

Rheumatology Fellowship, Loma Linda

Puja Thakkar

Sleep Medicine Fellowship, UC Davis

James Simmons

Palliative Care Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Jackie DeGuzman

Primary Care, Las Vegas, NV

Christopher Pease

Hospitalist, Arkansas

Alexander Pi

Hospitalist, Bakersfield

Steven Ratcliff

Chief Residency, UCSF Fresno

Kristofer Richter

Primary Care, Merced

Nick Youssefi

Chief Residency, UCSF Fresno

Mai Lee

Chief Residency, UCSF Fresno

Gail Osijo

Academic Hospitalist, UCSF Fresno

Bhavik Khatri

Chief Residency, UCSF Fresno

Elizabeth Parra Garnica

Primary Care, San Diego

Apinunt Khemthong

Hospitalist, Bakersfield

Heather Lee

Hospitalist, East Bay

Sagi Jacob Cohen

Hospitalist, Los Angeles

Panos Danopoulos

Primary Care, San Jose


2013 Graduates



Andrew Yue

Chief Residency, Nephrology Fellowship, Kaiser Sunset LA

Samer Moghaddam

PCCM Fellowship, UC Irvine

Hong Zheng

Echocardiogram Fellowship, UC San Francisco

Adnan Ameer

Chief Residency, Gastroenterology Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Jaynesh Patel

Chief Residency, Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Stanford University

Manminder Bhullar

Chief Residency, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Amitha Gona

Rheumatology Fellowship, Oklahoma

Mickey Sachdeva

Academic Hospitalist, UCSF Fresno

Alla Ostrovskaya

Academic Hospitalist, UC Davis

Kimpreet Aulakh

Primary Care, Fresno

Eveleen Bhasin

Hospitalist, Southern California

Janet Chou

Primary Care

Vishnu Illineni

Hospitalist, Iowa

Ahmad Ahmadzia

Hospitalist, Manteca

Natalia Johnson

Primary Care, San Jose





2012 Graduates



Rami Alrezk

Geriatric Fellowship, UCLA

Tushar Acharya

Chief Residency, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Manmeet Singh

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Katayoun Edalat-Parsi

Chief Residency, Palliative Care Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Ivance Pugoy

Chief Residency, VA Primary Care Attending, Fresno

Tiffney Colon

Chief Residency, Primary Care Northern California

Adam Cavallero

Primary Care, Santa Barbara

Mehrdad Ghajar

Hospitalist, Fresno

Matthew Walvick

Primary Care, Walnut Creek

Ambar Rahman

Hospitalist, Phoenix

Amer Khan

Hospitalist, Phoenix

Nastran Hashemi

Primary Care, Southern California

Marianne Ghobrial

Hospitalist, Northern California

Vema Bolla

Primary Care, Bakersfield

Swapna Busa

Hospitalist, Southern California

Evelina Svrdlan

Primary Care, Southern California



2011 Graduates


Aleck Soon

Primary Care, Hawaii

Ali Rashidian

Pulmonary Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Anna Agarkova

Infectious Disease Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Brad Ellis

Hospitalist, Fresno

Charles Oberer

Chief Residency, Gastroenterology Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Eric Wilson

Sports Medicine Fellowship, UCLA Harbor

Hassan Bashir

Primary Care, Fresno

Jasjit Singh

Nephrology Fellowship Mount Sinai

Kamal Kotak

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, UCSF Fresno

Richard Kiel

Chief Residency, Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Smita Anam

Hospitalist, Fresno

Steve Tringali

Associate Program Director, UCSF Fresno

Zach Reagle

Chief Residency, Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship UCSF Fresno




2010 Graduates



Aifra Ahmed

Hospitalist at Kaiser South San Francisco

David De La Zerda

Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship, UCSD

Hani El Jammal

Hospitalist at CRMC

Amir Emtiazjoo

PCCM Fellowship Indiana University Program

Firdose Gill

Academic Hospitalist, UCSF Fresno

Danna Magallanes

Hospitalist Kaiser Fresno

Rimma Pavlova

Hospitalist  at Sacramento

Niru Ramkumar

Nephrology Fellowship University of Utah

Zehra Rehman

VA Central California Faculty

Linda Hamidjaja

Hospitalist in California

Ivan Yee

Primary Care, Irvine

Will Tseng

PCCM Fellowship UC Davis

Kim Ae Kyoung

Hospitalist at Los Angeles





2009 Graduates



David Collins

PCCM Fellowship UCSF Fresno Program

Mandeep Singh

Chief Resident/GI Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Gurjiwan Gill

Hospitalist at CRMC (Fresno)

Monika Gupta


Erika Kasper

Chief Resident/ID Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Jae Man Park

Hospitalist at Sacramento

Roshny Pattathu

Hospitalist  at South California

Rahim Raoufi

GI Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Arman Sheibanikia

CCM Fellowship Stanford University Program

Bing Shen

Hospitalist at CRMC (Fresno)

Mehdi Hakimipour
SouCheun Saechao

Hospitalist at CRMC (Fresno)
Hospitalist at Sacramento



2008 Graduates



Stephen Fagbule

Hospitalist at CRMC

Hongwei (Harry) Chen


Shahrad Behnam

Hair Fellowship

Garrett Bird

PCCM Fellowship UCSF Fresno Program

Christine Boehringer

ID Fellowship UCSF Fresno Program

Wagih Ibrahim

Hospitalist at CRMC (Fresno)

Saber Patrus

Hospitalist at Los Angeles

Ai Pham
Khampha Thephavong

Chief Resident
VA Primary Care

Reimarie Pineda

Chief Resident /VA Central California Faculty

Fridolin Sy

Chief Resident/Cardiology Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Ryan Utarnachitt
Humaira Sadiq

Gastroenterology Fellowship, UCSF Fresno
Primary Care





2007 Graduates



Grace Huang

Chief Resident/Cardiology Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Jeanette Rylander

Chief Resident/Women Health VA Fresno

Sukhvir Atwal

Chief Resident/Nephrology Fellowship Cedars-Sinai, LA

Oliver Romero

PCCM Fellowship UCSF Fresno

Kirandeep Batth

Hospitalist CRMC

Maruja Diaz Arjonilla

Primary Care

Ramnik Josan

Primary Care

Ann Kodani


Shahin Rezaee

Hospitalist in Southern California

George Samadashwily
Kiran Toor

Dermatology Utah
Primary Care
Hospitalist in Los Angeles