Internal Medicine


Steven Ray Stoltz, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Hospitalist Division Director









  Medical School:

Washington University

St. Louis


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

UCSF Fresno

  Board Certified: Internal Medicine
  Awards and Recognition:

1986     University of California, Berkeley - Chemistry Honors Society
1986     University of California, Berkeley - Merck Index Chemistry Award
1986     University of California, Berkeley - Phi Beta Kappa,
1996     Department of Medicine Continuity Clinics - Workhorse Award
1997     Department of Medicine Continuity Clinics - Workhorse Award
2001 Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, UCSF Fresno
Care Award, VA Hospital 10/2001
Graduate of the UCSF Teaching Scholars Program

2009      Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching Nomination; UCSF Fresno
2010   Outstanding Medicine Faculty Award; UCSF Fresno Internal Medicine
2013   Appreciation Award; Laotian American Community of Fresno
2014    Excellence in Teaching Award; UCSF, Academy of Medical Educators
2014       Certificate of teaching excellence in recognition for outstanding teaching, as selected by the UCSF LIFE students; UCSF Fresno


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I am currently the local PI (principal investigator) as part of a multicenter trial looking at the use of an oral nutritional supplement in older hospitalized patients with heart failure, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or myocardial infarction in readmission rates. In addition, I will soon be the local PI as part of a multicenter, phase II trial looking at new treatment for hospitalized influenza patients.


I also participated as the site physician in charge of blood pressure monitoring for the SPS3 study (Secondary Prevention of SmallSubcortical Strokes). The SPS3 study was a NIH-sponsored, international, multi-center study intended to define efficacious therapies for the prevention of stroke recurrence and cognitive decline in patients with symptomatic small subcorticalstroke/subcortical transient ischemic attacks. My role in this study, in conjunction with the Division of Neurology at UCSF Fresno, was to review and monitor the blood pressures of patients who were enrolled in the trial at the UCSF Fresno site.