Internal Medicine/Pulmonary/Critical Care


Michael W. Peterson, MD

Valley Medical Foundation Endowed Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Chief of Medicine, UCSF
Vice Chair of Medicine, UCSF




Medical School:

University of Minnesota



University of Wisconsin



University of Iowa


Board Certified:

Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care Medicine


Awards and Recognition:

Phi Beta Kappa
Magna Cum Laude Graduate
American Lung Association Fellowship Grant Recipient
Election to Central Society for Clinical Research
Secretary, ATS Council of Chapter Representative
Dr. William and Sondra Myers Family Professorship
Election to Who's Who in Medicine
University of Iowa Presidential Award for Technology Innovation
University of Iowa College of Medicine Collegiate Teaching Award
Selection as one of America's Best Doctors
Election to the Haile T. Debas UCSF Academy of Medical Educators

ATS Presidential Commendation
UCSF Fresno Teacher of the Year Award




(Selected since 2000)


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