Internal Medicine/Neurology


Jeffery S. Mogelof, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF
Chief of Neurology and Rehabilitation at VA
Site Director Neurology Education Program, UCSF Fresno

VA Site Director-UCSF Fresno Neurology Program









  Medical School: Albany Medical Center, New York
  Residency: Albany Medical Center, New York
  Fellowship: American Academy of Neurology
American College of Legal Medicine
  Board Certified: Psychiatry and Neurology
American Board of Physiatry and Neurology
  1. Jarrett SR, Mogelof JS: Critical Illness Polyneuropathy-Diagnosis and Management Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1995 July:76(7):688-91.
  2. Battista M., Pate DS, Hierholzer R, Howsepian A, and Mogelof J: Caregiver Reports: A Systematic Method of Comparison with Clinical Impressions: Clinical Gerontologist, Vol.27(4), 2004.
  3. Peter Baylor, Anastasia Garoufi, Themisloclis Karpathios, John Lutz, Jeffrey Mogelof and Denis Moseley: Transverse Myelitis in Two Patients  with  Bartonella  Hensleae Infection( Cat Scratch Disease) Clinical Infectious Diseases 2007; 45:e42-e45.
  4. Battista MA, Pate DS, Hierholzer RW, Mogelof JS, and Howsepian AA:  Domain Specific Associations between Burden and Mood State in Dementia Caregivers: Accepted in April 2009 to be in Clinical Gerontologist (Manuscript #03-051).

  Clinical Activities:
  1. 1. Director of The  VATele-Neurology Program
    2. Director of the VA Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Section
    3. Director of the VA Stroke Program.

  Personal Statement: The best approach to patient problem solving and consequently patient care has been proven time and time again to rely on the history and exam, no matter what web access you have and no matter what new technologies are available.