Internal Medicine


Wei Gu, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF













  Medical School: Sozhou Medical School,
Sozhou City China
  Residency: Long Island Jewish Medical Center (Albert
Einstein College of Medicine at Long Island)

Diagnostic Radiology Resident, Fuwai Hospital
Beijing China

  Board Certified:

Internal Medicine


  Awards and Recognition: 1990 Who’s Who among Student in American University and Colleges
Nominated by the University of Texas at Dallas
2002/2003  Top Primary Care MD nominated by VA Patients Committee
2004  Goal Sharing award presented by Director in Fresno VA
2004  C.A.R.E. Award presented by Director in Fresno VA
2005  Special Contribution Award (group award) presented by Chief
of Staff in Fresno VA
2006   C.A.R.E. Award presented by Director in Fresno VA
2006/2007  Certification of Recognition Award  (VA research)
2007  Carmel Scholar Award for junior faculty
  Publications (since 2009):

The favorable effect of alpha 1 receptor blockers on lipid profile in men older than 55. J Invest Med 2009: 57(1):124.

The lipid and weight change associated with beta-blocker in type 2 diabetes. J Invest Med 2009: 57(1):111.

Beta-Blocker (BB), calcium channel blocker (CC), and statins affect eGFR in patients with type 2 diabetes. J Invest Med 2009: 57(1):205.

Higher A1c and BMI are associated with worse diabetic dyslipidemia in a VA population. J Invest Med 2010;58(1):215-216.

Chronic Medical Conditions and Psychiatry Disorders in Male Patients with Erectile Dysfunction in a VA Population. J Gen Intern Med 2010; (suppl)

Resistant  hypertension in a VA population: need for further study, better treatment and  prevention of cardiovascular events. JGIM 2011; 26(Suppl.1):S90.

Impact of  Metabolic Syndrome on Cardiovascular and Mental Diseases in a VA population.  J Invest Med 2011;59(1):100

Evidence-based management of diabetic dyslipidemia in a VA population: beyond the LDL target.  Wei Gu, MD; Ronna Mallios, PhD; Peter Baylor, MD; Alan Cohen, MD; Vishal Pall, MD; and Jian Huang, MD.  Federal practitioner Jun. 2011; 28 (6); 24-29.


Prevalence of low HDL and its association with BMI in a non-diabetic VA population. J Invest Med  2012;60(1):137.

Prevalence of obesity, tobacco use and dyslipidemia in VA geriatric patients stratified by age group. J Invest Med  2013;61(1):202-203.