Leslie Storey, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF








  Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
  Internship: Surgical Intern, Kern Medical Center
  Residency: Loma Linda University Health Care/Dermatology
  Fellowship: MOHS Surgery, Loma Linda Medical Center
  Board Certified : Dermatology
  Awards and Recognition:
  • American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Preceptorship Awardee, mentor: Christopher Zachary, University of California at San Francisco June 2005
  • Women’s Dermatology Award Recipient, mentor: Lawrence Eichenfield San Diego Children’s Hospital Sept 2004
  • Clinical honors Obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, dermatology 1999-2000
  • Thomas Jefferson University Post-Sophomore Pathology Fellow 1998-1999. 5 months dermatopathology with Dr. George Murphy, 4 months autopsy, 3 months surgical pathology


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