Internal Medicine


Jian Huang, MD, FACP

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF
UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program













  Medical School: Zhejiang Medical University, China
  Residency: Zhejiang Medical University, China
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Gastroenterology, Zhejiang Medical Univ., Hangzhou, China Department of Medicine

Gastroenterology (WHO fellow), GI Research Lab, VA Medical Center UC San Francisco

  Post-grad Training: GI Research Lab, VA, UCSF- WHO fellow
University of Kansas Medical Center- Researcher, Dept. of Microbiology
  Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine
  Research Interests : Multiple risk factors (obesity, type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, Dyslipidemia) and cardiovascular disease
  Awards and Recognition:

1980: Outstanding Student Award , Zhejiang Medical University, China
1989:  Research Fellowship, World Health Organization
2005:  Fellow, American College of Physician
2005:   J Woodfin Wilson Professorship,.Louisiana State University Health
Sciences Center 
2007:  Significant Contribution to Research and Academic Mission
2007:  Summer Research Mentorship, UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program

2009:    CARE (Customer Service, Action, Respect, Excellence) Award, VA Central California Health Care System
2009:    Recognition for Contribution to the Research Program, VA Central California Health Care System

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  Research Abstracts
since 2007::
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Student and Resident Research Abstracts and Presentations
since 2008:

  1. Park, E, Pall, V, Twitchell, G, Mallios, R, Huang, J. Post traumatic stress disorder, phychiatric disorders and cardiovascular risks in a VA outpatient population. J Investig Med 2008;56(1):257.

Oral presentation at AFMR Western Regional Meeting by E Park, former medical student, UCSF-Fresno Summer Research Program 2007

  1. Collins, D, Huang, J. Thrombophagocytosis and platelet satellitism in rhabdomyolysis, an unusual case of thrombocytopenia. J Investig Med 2008;56(1):263-264.
  2. Collins, D, Huang, J. A complicated case of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax: early recurrence prevention is key. J Investig Med 2009: 57(1):222.

Oral presentations at AFMR Western Regional Meetings by Dr. David Collins, former medicine resident

  1. Sangar, S, Huang, J. Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus – A Dangerous Duo for the Heart.

Oral presentation at the annual symposium of UCSF-Fresno Summer Biomedical Internship Program 2009 by Sophia Sangar, high school student, recipient of the YES (Young Epidemiology Scholarship)

  1. Singh, M, Gu, W, Mallios, R. McFarland, S, Fong, J, Huang, J. Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Cardiovascular and Mental Diseases in a VA population.

Accepted for oral presentation at the AFMR Western Regional Meeting 2011 by Dr. Manmeet Singh, current resident, recipient of the WSCI Outstanding Resident Award