Internal Medicine/Nephrology


Hemant Dhingra, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Nephrologist, Fresno Nephrology Medical Group, Inc.


  Medical School: Government Medical College, Punjab
  Residency: Government Medical College, Patiala
Mt Sinai School of Medicine, QHC, NY


Texas Tech University Health Science
  Board Certified: Internal Medicine
  Awards and Recognition: Trainee Research Award American Federation for Medical Research
Winner of Travel grant for Renal Research Institute to participate in Florida conference
Valedictorian for class at Mt Sinai School of Medicine
Winner of Aventis Resident Scholarship           
First Rank in In-Service exam
First Rank in In-Service exam, Queens Hospital Center
Best Post Graduate Award in Internal Medicine 1995
First Rank in Amritsar medical College Entrance Exam
Scholarship University in Pre-University     
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