Internal Medicine/Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine


Vijay P. Balasubramanian, MD, MRCP (UK)

Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
Medical Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program
UCSF Fresno









  Medical School: Stanley Medical College Hospital, Chennai, India
  Post-grad Training: Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom
  Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin- Internal Medicine
  Fellowship: Pulmonary and Critical Care, Medical College of Wisconsin
  Board Certified: Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
  Clinical and Research Interests : Pulmonary vascular disease, ILD, Sepsis
  Awards and Recognition: Distinction in General Internal Medicine, Stanley Medical College
Distinction in Ophthalmology, Stanley Medical College
Associate Royal College Tutor, George Elliot Hospital
Best Teacher Award, University of Birmingham
Best Presenter Award, ACP Poster Session, Madison, WI
Dr. James Skatrud Award, Wisconsin Thoracic Society
Best Research Presentation Award, MCW Research Retreat
Outstanding Faculty of the year 2007-08


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