Licensure Payment/Reimbursement Process

Eligibility for payment/reimbursement:
1. At the time of licensure eligibility residents must be currently enrolled in a UCSF Fresno program, with the expectation of continued education for the academic year within a UCSF Fresno program to receive reimbursement
2. The ‘eligibility period’ is defined as the first six months immediately following completion of required residency training as defined by the Medical Board of California.

Coordinators:  Below are the items that must be submitted to the GME office in order to request licensure payment or reimbursement


MD's (US Grad)

MD's (IMGs)



2. Check Request- Payment to Medical Board


3.Check Request- Reimbursement to Resident

  • Check Request
  • Completed L3A-L3B
  • Completed L4
  • Copy of payment made to CMB

1.  Check Request- Reimbursement to Resident


1.  Check Request- Payment to Osteopathic Medical Board


2. Check Request- Reimbursement to Resident




Note:  Do not send check requests & supporting documentation directly to CRMC