Computer Support (ITS)

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a full-range of support, including training on MS-Office programs, Internet access, email accounts, PCs maintenance, web modifications, and video conferencing.

Contact information:

Email/accounts/web modification
559 499-6660
PC support/web tech support
559 499-6664
PC support/videoconferencing
559 499-6662
PC support/database/phones
559 499-6663

Media Support (EMS)

Educational Media Services (EMS) provides graphics, web design/updates and AV media support for PowerPoint presentations, research poster production, video editing and assistance with scans, photography and artwork for publication.

Contact information:

Leland Vander Poel (AV support)
559 499-6672
Francis Fung (Graphics/Web/Photography)
559 499-6673

Individual Assistance and Short Courses

UCSF Fresno GRO offers assistance with the entire research process from hypothesis generation to manuscript preparation. We provide individual consultations as well as customized short courses in the following areas:

Introduction to Healthcare Research: Scales of measurement; Sampling and inference; Sampling error and bias; Sample statistics and confidence intervals; Simple hypothesis testing; Clinical significance vs. statistical significance.

Literature Searching (UCSF Fresno users only): Melvyl/Medline; California Digital Library Databases; Galen II Electronic Journals.

Research Design: Hypothesis formulation; Treatment groups; Outcome measures; Confounding measures; Power and sample size considerations; Applying for IRB approval; Data collection and analysis.

Database and Data Collection Tool Design: Variable definitions; Microsoft Excel or Access form design.

Data Analysis: Crosstabs, analysis of variance, correlation and regression using SPSS software.

Report Generation: Microsoft Excel charts and Word documents.

Selected Topics in Biostatistics: Odds ratios, t-tests, confidence intervals, p-values, power, correlation and regression.