The major objective of the Grants and Research Office (GRO) is to enhance research efforts at
UCSF Fresno.  The Office has two major functions: support of research  activities for
UCSF Fresno Faculty, Residents, and Medical Students and assistance with all phases of
grant applications .


Major activities in support of research include both individual instruction and classes in
research design and biostatistics as well as in emerging technologies such as
computer-assisted decision-making, use of the Internet to assist medical decision-making,
and telemedicine. GRO offers assistance to residency-based research-in-progress seminars.
The Summer Biomedical Internship Program allows high school juniors to fully participate in biomedical research projects, aiding both the student and the researcher.


GRO provides support for grant applications by offering assistance with project design, grant writing,
budget development, analysis of submission and committee review requirements, and identification of funding sources.
Up-to-date current funding opportunities are available, as well as individually-tailored searches for funding. A database of funded projects is maintained by GRO. GRO acts as a liaison with the Contracts and Grants office at UCSF main campus.


GRO welcomes your suggestions for implementation of additional services that will assist in the research activities at UCSF Fresno.  If you have suggestions email us at or call 559 499-6414