Planned Opening is April 2017

When an older adult is coping with challenges resulting from physical, mental or emotional changes, the Hillblom Center on Aging at UCSF Fresno can help identify the most appropriate solutions. By providing specialized geriatric assessment, the Geriatric Assessment Program benefits seniors over 65 years old with multiple/complex problems requiring multi-dimensional assessment. They may be at risk for institutionalization, decreased independence and deterioration to higher levels of care. These problems are of a medical, functional, psychosocial nature and may include: multiple diseases, multiple symptom complexes, incontinence, confusion, falls/immobility, polypharmacy, unexpected response to illness, unexplained loss of functional ability, weight loss of unknown cause, multiple visit to Emergency Department and/or multiple hospital admissions, escalating care needs and/or a decline in independence.

The Hillblom Center on Aging at UCSF Fresno is suitable for frail elderly residents living in the community who are self-referred or referred by their physician as well as family members. Family members who struggle to care for an elder relative long distance are finding themselves at a unique disadvantage. They are not there to see firsthand what is happening and this hampers effective decision making. Locally, family members may need assistance in making decisions regarding the ability of their loved ones to live alone. A comprehensive geriatric assessment by a well-trained, objective professional can help you develop a plan of action that keeps your loved one as safe, secure and independent as possible.

The assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation by a team of healthcare professionals that specializes in issues related to aging and leads to the development of treatment and follow-up plans; coordination of management of care; and evaluation of long-term care needs and optimal placement. A specific recommendation for care is then shared with the patient, their physician and their family as they request.

What is a Geriatric Assessment?

A geriatric assessment is a multidimensional, multidisciplinary approach to the medical, psychosocial and functional abilities and limitations of older adults. It focuses on older adults with complex medical problems, and it emphasizes their functional status, independence and quality of life.

We offer a team of experts in geriatric care focusing on the multifaceted concerns of each older adult and their caregiver and develops a comprehensive plan for addressing individual needs, providing:


Geriatric Assessment Center Visits

Your initial assessment will include a visit with the geriatrician and Nurse Navigator. At least one family member is advised to participate in the initial assessment. During your visit, information will be collected from both you and your family member(s) to aid in better understanding your individual needs. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to review and discuss the findings and recommendations for you.



The Geriatric Assessment Center accepts Medicare and most major health plans.


Walter A. Forred, MD
Director, Hillblom Center for Aging
UCSF Fresno