2013-2014 Family Medicine Chief Residents


Mario Martinez, MD received his medical degree from the University of Illinois, College of Medicine.   He Co-founded a community service organization HEARTS (Health Education and Awareness Resource Teams). Dr. Martinez was awarded with the National Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2010.  Dr. Martinez enjoys Salsa/Hip-Hop Dancing, running, basketball, and weight-lifting and traveling.   Michael Moya, MD received his medical degree from Ross University.  Dr. Moya was raised in Fresno and worked at the University Medical Center throughout his college years.  Dr. Moya first became interested in Family Medicine while doing a rotation here at UCSF Fresno.  After graduating from Medical School, Dr. Moya worked as a junior faculty member at Ross University.  Dr. Moya likes competitive tennis, Tae Kwon Do and traveling.




Oscar Hernandez, MD  received his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa in Mexico.  Having to deal with his sister’s illness during his own childhood, had tremendous impact on his decision to pursue a career as a physician.  During his social service year while at St. Ignacio, Dr. Hernandez was in charge of a state government program for women, the elderly and children in an underserved area.  His goal is to become a family medicine physician in an area where he can serve the underserved.  Dr. Hernandez is fluent in Spanish.  His hobbies include basketball, going to the movies and cooking seafood dishes.

Shruti Joseph, MD received her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine.  Through the AMSA student health fair she had the opportunity to provide clinical services to the local impoverished community. Dr. Joseph believes that we can accomplish a great deal in preventative medicine by educating our patients.   Dr. Joseph hobbies and interests include camping, traveling, cooking, as well as Tae Kwon Do where she holds a first degree black belt.

Logan McGhan, MD received his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.  Dr. McGhan has traveled extensively and volunteered throughout Central America and Mexico.  He believes these experiences have provided him a firm foundation for his residency and future in Family Medicine. Dr. McGhan is fluent in Spanish.  He thoroughly enjoys fly fishing, photography, backpacking and yoga.

Mary McLain, MD  received her medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine.   Dr. McLain has a genuine passion for the outdoors and has participated in search and rescue.  She belongs to the Wilderness Medical Society.  In time of leisure, Dr. McLain truly enjoys participating in any outdoor activity, mentoring women, as well as reading. 

Michael Moua, MD received his medical degree from Saba University in the Netherlands.  Dr. Moua is fluent in Hmong and has worked with the Hmong Missionary Alliance in Stockton, California.  He also volunteered with local food banks which helped him to realize the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle choices.   Dr. Moua plans to, some day return to his home country and open a clinic, as well as practice in the United States.  Dr. Moua is fluent in Hmong.  He enjoys sports, hiking, camping and bicycling with his family.

Subathra Murugiah, MD received her medical degree from Stanley Medical College in India.  She maintains a particular special interest in women’s health. Her future plans include practicing family medicine in a rural underserved area.  She speaks Tamil, Hindi and some Spanish.  Dr. Murugaiah’s hobbies include yoga, hiking and knitting. 

Christopher Nerantzinis, MD received his medical degree from SUNY.  At an early age Dr. Nerantzinis knew he wanted to become a physician, and after completing his clinical clerkships he realized that Family Medicine would be his choice. Growing up in the Bronx has provided him an opportunity to interact with people from various stations of life.   Dr. Nerantzinis’ hobbies include dining out, sci-fi films and computer software.

Muhammad Riaz, MD received his medical degree from King Edward Medical College in Pakistan.  While in medical school Dr. Riaz volunteered at free medical clinics which were situated in rural areas of Pakistan. Dr. Riaz is currently working toward a master’s degree in clinical research.  He is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi and has taken a Spanish class for health professionals.  His passion is performing charity work for those in need.

Melinda Trevino, MD received her medical degree from the Univerisdad Autonoma de Guadalajara.  Dr. Trevino was born and raised in Fresno.  She feels that her grandfather was of great influence in her career choice in that he consistently stressed to her the importance of ambition and perseverance.  She is fluent in Spanish.  Dr. Trevino spends her leisure time enjoying softball, volleyball and cooking. 

Erica Delsman, MD received her medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine. Erica grew up as the sixth generation on her family farm. Erica has worked in rural communities in NorthernCalifornia and Oregon for many years. She acquired hard work ethics, appreciation of land conser-vation and cultivation, and the value of good teamwork. Erica has travelled abroad to work in missionary clinics in Arequipa, Peru, an indigenous village near Tena, Ecuador, a government hospital inSikkim, India, and also at Indian Health Services clinics in the US. Erica’s interests include travel, rockclimbing, gardening, cooking, and training horses. She speaks German and Spanish.
Nitika Dhir, MD received her medical degree from St. George’s University. Nitika was born in Kuwait.She came to the US where she attended California State University, Fresno and received her under-graduate degree. As a student she volunteered at the Community Regional Medical Center ER inFresno, as well as becoming a scribe (emergency medicine physician’s immediate assistant) at St.Agnes Medical Center. At St. George’s University she was elected Trustee of the Orphanage Student Organization (OSO) and the Pediatrics Club. Nitika enjoys yoga and learning foreign languages.Nitika is fluent in Punjabi and Hindi.
Mario Espindola, MD received his medical degree from Michigan State University School of Human Medicine. He received his undergraduate degree at UC, Davis where he volunteered as a translator and assisted with a student-run free clinic in an urban area of Sacramento. Mario is the recipient of a National Health Service Corps Scholarship. He has traveled to Peru to work in rural communities. Mario looks forward to working with underserved people. His interests include: civic activism, politics, photography, riding his bike, running, camping, and hiking. Mario is fluent in Spanish.
Jasmine Garcha, MD received her medical degree from Ross University. Jasmine adamantly believes that preventive medicine is the key to maintaining good health. Jasmine has participated in numerous health fairs with student organizations, such as the American Medical Student Association and Physicians for Medical Rights in Portsmouth, Dominica. Jasmine maintains a passion for the arts, including painting and shading artwork. Several pieces of her artwork have been on display at the California State Fair. Some of her other interests include jazz dance and baking. Jasmine is fluent in Punjabi.
Rachel Goerzen, DO received her medical degree from Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in Tennessee. Rachel was born in Fresno and grew up in Selma. She received her undergraduate degree at California State University, Fresno. Rachel has remained consistently involved in community volunteer work at Children’s Hospital of Central California as well with the Boys2Men, Girls2Women Foundation. Rachel is an avid reader, enjoys the outdoors and her personal interests include running, camping and hiking.
Miriam “Ida” Harris, MD received her medical degree from University of Arizona, College of Medicine. Originally, Ida wanted to pursue a profession in teaching but that changed as she developed a passion to do more to improve people’s quality of life. She now has profound interest in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Ida considers herself a socialite with a myriad of personal interests. She enjoys art history, mythology, world history, sociology, music theory, graphic arts, martial arts, philosophy, and science fiction/fantasy.
David Hoang, DO received his medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences. David was Secretary/Treasurer with Pipeline to Healthcare Careers, a student organization with the mission of giving youth the tools essential to attain their full academic potential. He completed his undergraduate work at UC, San Diego. While some of his other interests include love for books and board games, his passion lies within sports such as tennis, running, and basketball. David is fluent in Vietnamese, and has honed his Spanish skills while spending time at the University of Salamanca in Spain.
Derik Keshishian, MD received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. Derik obtained his undergraduate education at USC where he received his Master Degree in Gerontology, an interest which he continues to pursue. Derik enjoys spending family time with his wife and son. He also thoroughly enjoys a good game of tennis, table tennis, chess as well as reading a science fiction novel. Derik speaks Armenian, Farsi and conversational German.
Ji Young Park, MD received her medical degree from the Universidad de Sao Paolo in Brazil. As a young teenager Ji relocated with her family from Korea to Brazil, where she grew up and pursed her undergraduate education. After completing medical school, Ji joined relatives residing in the US where she continued her quest to become a physician. Living in several countries has increased Ji’s appreciation of cultures. Ji is multilingual, speaking five languages including Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. She maintains a genuine interest in language, arts, playing the piano and attending chamber concerts.
Melanie Southard, DO received her medical degree from Touro University. While attending California State University, East Bay, Melanie was awarded the Psychology Student of the Year as well as the President’s Leadership Award for “Outstanding Service to the Campus Community”. Melanie’s interests and hobbies include: photography, yoga, knitting, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, singing and mountain biking.
Anjani Tilak Kolahi, MD received her medical degree from University at Buffalo, the State University of New York School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree at UCLA. Anjani maintains a special interest in women’s health. During her second year of medical school Anjani served as President of Medical Students for Choice. Anjani thoroughly enjoys travelling and event planning. She is fluent in Marathi and Spanish.

Bobby Aulakh, MD received his medical degree from the American University of Antigua, College of Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at UC Davis, where he was involved with extensive research including studying long term effects of DBS in Parkinson's disease. Family medicine was an obvious choice for Bobby because he feels this is the only field that will make him a well rounded physician and allow him to fulfill his future prospects of contributing to WHO/Doctors without Borders, providing much needed care in underdeveloped countries.  Bobby's hobbies and interests include; outdoor activities, weight training, tennis, yoga, meditation and DIY projects.  He is fluent in Punjabi, and Hindi.

Jose Buenrostro, MD received his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and obtained his undergraduate degree at California State University, Stanislaus.  He grew up in the Central San Joaquin Valley where early in life  while working  in the fields, as well as working as an Emergency Medical Technician motivated  him to become a family practitioner.   Dr. Buenrostro looks forward to staying in the central valley and providing care to the people in his community.   His outside interests includes farming, traveling, snowboarding as well as playing baseball and basketball.  He is fluent in Spanish.

Alice Chung, MD was born in California, but spent the first few years of her childhood on a farm with her grandparents in Taiwan. She studied biomedical engineering during her undergraduate years at the University of California Berkeley and then received her medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine.  She has a strong interest in international health and participated in AMSA Global Health Groups and Physicians for Human Rights at Boston University.  Her hobbies and interests include hiking, traveling, photography, drawing, exploring new places, and trying new activities.

Ashlynn Gordon, DO did her undergraduate studies from the University of Montana and received her medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences School of Osteopathic Medicine.  Ashlynn was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.  After her first year of medical school Ashlynn had the opportunity to study surgery while volunteering in Germany. During her second year of medical school Ashlynn worked on a research project, and was published in the JAOA. She also has been actively attending medical conferences and lobbying in Washington D.C. on health care issues. Ashlynn’s hobbies include triathlons, skiing, hiking and karate.

Inderpreet Grewal, MD spent most of her life in Livingston, CA and the Central Valley before heading to UC Davis to study Human Development and find her passion for medicine through volunteering.  During medical school at St. George’s University in beautiful Grenada, Inderpreet made sure to return back to her home and intern with the Public Health Department in Stanislaus County.  It was there where she indulged in her interest of working with adolescents by creating additional health centers for teens to receive counseling on birth control methods and family planning.  Inderpreet is multi-lingual and looks forward to utilizing her native language, Punjabi, and her passion for public health and medicine to empower and serve her community.  Inderpreet’s other passions in life include cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Benjamin Huang, MD received his medical degree from the University at Buffalo State University, New York.  During undergraduate studies at Syracuse University Benjamin helped to organize and run a weekly after school program for refugees. He helped co-found the Buffalo Chapter of Primary Care Progress, where he organized quality improvement project teams in primary care offices around the city.  Benjamin enjoys playing piano, game design and the culinary arts in his spare time.

Sebouh Krioghlian. MD was born and raised in Fresno, California.  He attended California State University, Fresno where he completed his undergraduate studies.  Sebouh received his medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences.  Sebouh looks forward to working with underserved in the community where he was raised.  He is an avid reader and enjoys cooking.  Sebouh speaks Armenian and conversational Spanish.

Liana Milanes, MD  was born in Havana Cuba.  She received her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine.  Living  and studying in Dominca gave Liana an opportunity to create a unique learning experience that solidified her desire to seek a specialty heavily involved in health education and disease prevention.  She is looking forward to working with the underserved in the Central Valley.  Her hobbies include judo, scuba diving and continental philosophy.  Liana is fluent in Spanish.

Rashell Reynoso-Garza, MD was born and raised in Visalia, California in the Central Valley.  She did her undergraduate studies at UC, Davis and received her medical degree from the University of Illinois, College of Medicine.  As a first year medical student Rashell participated in the Patient Centered Medicine Scholars Program (PCM) where she realized that family medicine was the specialty that would allow her to reach her goal of working with the underserved.  Rashell enjoys fishing, camping , painting and spending time with her family. 

Jusel Ruelan, DO  attended Stanford University and received her medical school diploma from A.T. Still University, School of Osteopathic Medicine. She was born and raised in Merced, California in the Central Valley. While in medical school her experience rotating in one of the largest non-profit community centers in the United States, the El Rio Community Health Center as well as the Pascua Yaqui Native American clinic in southern Arizona helped to solidify her zeal with working with the underserved.  Jusel’s outside interests include traveling, hiking, tennis and playing the piano. Jusel speaks Visayan as well as conversational Spanish.

Satjit Sanghera, MD  received her medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. She is also a graduate of UC Berkeley where she received her Bachelors of Science. Satjit grew up in the Central Valley, Turlock, California. Having grown up in a small town, she experienced the limitations of health care which galvanized her interest in working with the underserved. Her inspiration for pursuing Family Medicine in the rural setting includes her grandmother as well as her experiences throughout her medical school career. Her interests include event planning, cooking, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.  Satjit is fluent in Punjabi.

Alejandro Soto, MD  was born in Nogales, Mexico.  He attended  UC, Riverside before receiving his medical degree from Universidad de Montemorales.  Alejandro has a passion to serve the underserved, fueled by his year of social service in Allende, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  He looks forward to working with the underserved in the Central Valley.  Alejandro’s hobbies and interests include basketball, softball, jogging, working out and reading, as well as spending time with his family and friends. Alejandro speaks fluent Spanish.