Katayoun Edalat-Parsi, MD
Katayoun Edalat-Parsi completed residency training in Internal Medicine at UCSF Fresno.  She was Internal Medicine’s Chief Resident before joining the Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowship.  Dr. Edalat-Parsi is a graduate of Touro University.  Her undergraduate degree is from University of California Davis.  She enjoys interacting with the unique patient population in Fresno which she describes as having a vast and variable pathology.  Throughout her residency training she saw firsthand the effects critical illness and death had on patients and their families.  Dr. Edalat-Parsi describes the transition to acceptance and preparedness for a terminal diagnosis as very important to her.  “I feel it is critically important to address these issues with patients and their families in such a way as to decrease their fears… when faced with end of life care.” 

e Marc Pollock, MD

Marc Pollock is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.  He received his MD degree and completed residency training at UC Irvine.  After finishing a two-year residency in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at St. Louis University, Dr. Pollock completed a year as Chief Resident of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Pollock was Associate Professor of Surgery at University of California Davis before joining the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley where he is involved in Narrative Inquiry research, listening to and videotaping end-of-life stories. He’s been described as an outstanding congenial heart surgeon and an astute academic.  He views his participation in the HPM fellowship as the next step in moving from an entirely curative career to one that embraces a public health approach to health care delivery.