ENgage Lecture Series & Mock RCAs

The 2018-2019 ENgage Calendar

DateDayDepartmentTimeRoom SpeakerTopicNotes
8/2/2018ThursdayGlobal Health    Cancelled
8/24/2018FridayDiversity 8am – 5pm136Lee Rawitscher, MD & Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, MD, MPHDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training 
9/13/2018ThursdayQI and Patient Safety12:00137Mark Kestner, MD Rescheduled to 11/8
9/17/2018MondayWellness12:00AuditoriumLori Weichenthal, MDNational Physician Suicide Awarenessboxed lunch ordered – set up on tables outside of the auditorium for pick up after the lecture
10/16/2018TuesdayInternal Medicine12:00137John Engstrom, MDCervical Spondylotic Myelopathy and Cervical Spinal Stenosis 
10/18/2018ThursdayMock RCA12:00AuditoriumMock RCA – Chief Res.MOCK RCAOrder lunch boxes and have them set up on tables outside of the auditorium for pick up after the lecture
11/2/2018FridayOrtho7:00 a.m.AuditoriumRichard Bransford, MDSpine Trauma – Looking Beyond the Routine (Ground Rounds)Breakfast is in 112
11/6/2018TuesdayInternal Medicine12:00137Mark Kestner, MDQuality Chasm 
11/8/2018ThursdayQuality Chasm12:00137Mark Kestner, MDQuality 
11/19/2018 – Thanksgiving Week       
11/27/2018TuesdayPediatrics12:00136Clarisse Casilang, MDGlobal Health 
12/24/2018 – Christmas Week       
12/31/2018 – New Years Week       
1/10/2019ThursdayEthics12:00135Dr. L.B. BurnettMedical FutilityRescheduled from 12/6/18
1/24/2019ThursdayWellness12:00   Cancelled
2/21/2019ThursdayFamily Medicine12:00137TBATBAHold this date per C.Dunlap
Tentative Feb Date Medical Board12:00 hold for Ila Naeni, MD  
Tentative MarDate Medical Board12:00 Ila Naeni, MD  
3/8/2019FridayFac. Develop12:00136Nyoki Sacramento Title IXSexual Harassment and Title IX 
4/12/2019FridayOrtho7:00 a.m.??Jonathan G. Eastman, MD Obtain room from Ortho
4/18/2019ThursdayFamily Medicine12:00   Hold this date for C. Dunlap
4/23/2019TuesdayInternal Medicine12:00    
5/30/2019ThursdayQI Symposium12:00136  Ila Naeni, MD/Dominic Dizon, MD