ENgage Lecture Series & Mock RCAs

The ENgage Calendar for 2018-2019 will be updated as soon as it’s complete.

2017-2018 ENgage Lecture Series & Mock RCAs
(Dates, Times and Rooms are subject to change and will be updated as needed)
DateDayDepartment or TractTimeRoomSpeakerTopic
9/5/2017TuesdayQI and Patient Safety8-9 amAud/137Dr. Yang, Dr. Dizon & guests“Diabetes QI in Primary Care”
9/7/2017ThursdayEthics12-1 pm136Dr. L.B. Burnett“The Ethical Context of Medical Decision Making”
10/17/2017TuesdayIM12-1 pm136Dolores Shoback, MD“An Update in the Diagnosis and Management of Hypercalcemia: Case-Based Approach” 
10/26/2017ThursdayEthics12-1 pm137Dr. L.B. Burnett“The Ethical Context of Medical Decision Making – Part 2” 
10/31/2017TuesdayQI and Patient Safety12-1 pm136Mark Kestner, MD‘Employee and Physician Engagement in Healthcare: Managing to the Behavioral Economy”
11/7/2017TuesdayIM12-1 pm137Raja Sivamani, MD  

“Shedding Light on Sunscreens: What You Really Need to Know”

11/17/2017FridayORTHO7:00-8:00 amAudDavid Ring, MD“Recovery After Injury”
11/20/2017 – Thanksgiving Week
11/30/2017ThursdayWellness and Professionalism12-1 pm136Scott DeShields, MD “Disclosure of Adverse Events”
12/5/2017TuesdayPEDS12:30-1:30 pm136  Susan Kim, MD “Henoch-Schonlein purpura IgA Vasculitis and Treatment Considerations”
12/25/2017 – Christmas Week
1/1/2018 – New Year Week
1/25/2018ThursdayMock RCA12-1 pmAudEM & PEDS Chief Residents 

Presentation of a Mock Root Cause Analysis (RCA) utilizing a modified case between Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics.

2/1/2018ThursdayFM12-1 pm136Daniel Blodgett, MD  “Herbal Medicine: Ten Herbs Useful to Know About”
2/9/2018FridaySURGERY7:30-8:30 amCRMCDr. L.B BurnettEthics 
2/27/2018TuesdayFinancial Wellness12-1 pm136Jaisy Prem, MBA (FMMSA)“Physician Financial Wellness – Where to Start” 
3/8/2018ThursdayEM12-1 pm136Gillian Schmitz, MD“Remember That Patient You Saw: What Every Physician Should Know About Lawsuits”
3/15/2018ThursdayWellness and Professionalism12-1 pmAudBetty Liao, PhD“Evidence-based Management of Stress and Anxiety”  
3/20/18TuesdayGlobal Health1-2 pmAudRais Vohra, MD“Household HazMat: Pediatric Poisoning Management and Prevention”
4/10/18TuesdayGlobal Health12-1 pm136W Timothy Brox, MD“Community/Global Medicine in Haiti 2018”
4/24/2018TuesdayIM12-1 pm136 Sharon Chung, MD

“A duck Or Not A Auck? Recognizing Systemic Vasculitis and Its Mimics” 

5/3/2018ThursdayEthics12-1 pm137Dr. L.B. Burnett“When Patients and Surrogate Disagree About Treatment” 
5/22/2018TuesdayUCSF Fresno Library 12-1 pm136Robyn Aguiar and Sharon McClain“Library Search Skills”
5/31/2018Thursday3rd Annual Quality Improvement and Innovation Symposium1-2 pmAudUCSF Fresno and CMC “Collaborative Innovation and Quality Improvement Projects”
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