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UCSF Fresno has four exciting elective opportunities in Emergency Medicine (EM) that are provided in conjunction with the residency program.

  • Clinical EM Elective- EM 140.30
  • Wilderness Medicine Elective- EM 140.31
  • EM Ultrasound Elective- 140.32
  • EM Research Elective- 150.01


Clinical EM Elective—EM 140.30

“I learned more in one month in this emergency department compared with all the other months of medical school.”
“An Awesome Experience!”

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This elective is a true sub-internship in EM which allows the student to be the first member of the physician team to evaluate undifferentiated patients. Students are exposed to a wide variety of pathology and get a great overview of the practice of emergency medicine.

UMC01 099.jpgA review of the cases that students evaluated over the last several years revealed that the top ten most common chief complaints were: Lacerations, abdominal pain, problems of pregnancy, chest pain, urinary tract complaints, orthopedic injuries, headache, pelvic disorders, and breathing problems.

Students present all of their cases to teaching faculty or to senior residents who have a special focus in medical education. The majority of the teaching is one-on-one and at the bedside. Three times a day rounds are also conducted which provide an additional venue for clinical teaching.

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Although resuscitations of critically ill medical and trauma patients are managed primarily by senior residents, medical students are encouraged to become involved in these cases. Residents and attendings will discuss these cases with students as they are unfolding so that the students develop an understanding of the thought processes involved in critical resuscitations. There are also many procedural opportunities for students during resuscitations including central line placement, chest tube insertion, FAST examinations, laceration repair and fracture/dislocation reductions.

Students are expected to attend the weekly resident conferences which occur on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. There are also weekly medical student conferences which cover such topics as resuscitation of the critically ill patient, airway management, procedural skills, and case presentations of common ED chief complaints.


The elective is offered at Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) which has a new state of the art emergency department with an annual patient census of over 110,000. CRMC is the primary site for the EM Residency program at UCSF Fresno and students will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with EM residents. CRMC is the only level one trauma and burn center in the Central Valley and serves a diverse patient population.

Students work a total of 16 nine hours shifts. These shifts will include a mixture of day, evening and night shifts, as well as weekends. This assures that students are exposed to the ED in all of its variety. The schedule will be assigned to students but they may request certain days off during the application process. EMS ride alongs may be substituted for two of the shifts. The current shift times are:

  • 0700-1600
  • 1500-0000
  • 2300-0800

Mid-rotation and end of rotation feedback as well as exit interviews are available for interested students and should be initiated by the student. Contact Dr. Bengiamin for details and scheduling.

Grading is based on clinical performance that is evaluated using daily feedback forms and end of rotation evaluations completed by faculty and senior residents. The required student lecture is also incorporated in the grade. Possible grades are Honors, High Pass, Pass, and Fail.

Special opportunities are available to students who desire exposure to EMS, the parkmedic program or wilderness medicine. Please make sure that you express such interests in your application.

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Student housing is available for students and is free to UCSF students and $350 for non-UCSF students.

To apply for the rotation, please fill out the elective application provided on the UCSF Fresno Web page: We also request a copy of your transcript and your USMLE step one board scores. Please make sure that we know your career interests when you apply. As this is a popular elective, please submit your application well in advance and provide us with at least two potential dates of availability.

Send your requests or questions to:

Toni Conmy, Site Scheduler
UCSF Fresno
Department of Emergency Medicine
155 North Fresno Street
Fresno, CAL 93701


Deena Bengiamin, MD
Medical Student Clerkship Director
UCSF Fresno
Department of Emergency Medicine[/halfcolumn]

Wilderness Medicine Elective—EM 140.31
WM05 190.jpg

“One of the best and most practical courses I have taken in medical school. I will recommend it to all of my friends.”

This elective is a two week course offered annually, usually in the late summer. It is a hands on course that covers the major topics and skills in wilderness medicine.

The course is a combination of classroom didactics and hands on training in the Sierras/Yosemite Park. Major topics in wilderness medicine are covered including:

  • High altitude illness
  • Heat and cold exposure
  • Lightning injuries and burns
  • Plants and envenomations
  • Trauma in the wilderness
  • Wild land fires and avalanches
  • Wilderness preparedness

High altitude illness
Heat and cold exposure
Lightning injuries and burns
Plants and envenomations
Trauma in the wilderness
Wild land fires and avalanches
Wilderness preparedness

The second week is spent in the Sierra Nevadas, applying the knowledge obtained in the first week
WM05 039.jpg
Activities include:

  • Wilderness improvisation
  • Search and rescue
  • Wilderness survival
  • Rock climbing
  • Water safety

Student housing for the first week of the course is available at a cost of $150 total. This fee is applicable to all non-UCSF students applying for the course. For additional information on housing and to apply, please click on the following link:

To learn about the dates for this year’s course, for any questions, or to learn about the application process, please contact:

Michelle Storkan, MD
UCSF Fresno
Emergency Medicine Residency Program
155 North Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93701

Lori Weichenthal, MD
UCSF Fresno
Emergency Medicine Residency Program
155 North Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93701[/halfcolumn]

EM Ultrasound Elective—140.32

The emergency medicine point of care ultrasound elective will fintroduce medical students to the fundamentals of bedside ultrasound. Students will have the opportunity to perform ultrasounds under the supervision of emergency physicians. Students will be expected to participate in didactic sessions and supplement their education by completing selected readings to become familiar with the six primary areas of emergency ultrasound-trauma, aorta, biliary, cardiac, pelvic and procedural applications. 6 units.
For more information contact Tricia Loo at[/halfcolumn]

EM Research Elective—150.01
Students may arrange an elective rotation with one of the EM faculty members to work on a research project. The specific project, dates, and derivatives of the elective are at the discretion of the student and faculty preceptor. For more information, please see our research page or please contact:

UCSF Fresno
Department of Emergency Medicine
155 North Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93701