Sameir Alhadi, MD
Medical School: University of Illinois
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley

Hometown: Clovis, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I used to work at the old UMC before it closed down.

Why Fresno?: Great faculty and residents. Tons of procedures and experiences.


Peter Anastopoulos, MD
Medical School: Loyola University
Undergraduate: UC Davis

Hometown: Lafayette, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Cooking, gardening, biking, exercise, camping, travel, sports, Fantasy Football Master.

Why Fresno?: My fellow residents, amazing attendings and clinical experience!


Jaime Antuna, MD
Medical School: UCSF
Undergraduate: California State University, Fresno



Jimmy Donkor, MD, PhD
Medical School: UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Undergraduate: California State University, San Bernardino

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I like to play soccer and basketball whenever I can.

Why Fresno?: I love the diversity here in Fresno. I love the fact that it is so close to Sequoia and Yosemite National Park.


Joshua Dubansky, MD
Medical School: University of Maryland
Undergraduate: Cornell University

Hometown: Fayetteville, NY (near Syracuse)

Hobbies, facts and interests: I like anything that can be done outside, ideally at high speed. Activities requiring complicated equipment are a plus. I used to be a homeless raft guide living in a truck, a carpenter, a dishwasher, a substitute teacher, a valet, a waiter, and a kayaking instructor, and a furniture delivery truck driver.

Why Fresno?: Procedures, procedures, procedures!


Omar Guzman, MD
Medical School: UC Irvine
Undergraduate: UC Irvine

Hometown: Visalia, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Used to Scribe PRIME-LC Alumni Interested in Education, Public Policy, and Sim.

Why Fresno?: Working with the underserved, learning by doing, great experience.


Jennifer Heppner, MD
Medical School: UCSF
Undergraduate: Grinnell College



Juan Hernandez, MD
Medical School: UCSF
Undergraduate: UC Santa Barbara

Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Previous lives- construction worker, EMT, PCA, research assistant. EM interest- EMS, sports medicine, tox.

Why Fresno?: The attendings, co-residents and staff (both nursing and ancillary). I couldn't ask for a better team.



George Mittendorf, MD
Medical School: UC Irvine
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Rock climbing, snowboarding, family. I used to work researching meningococcal vaccine candidates at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute.

Why Fresno?: Amazing attendings, tons of opportunities for procedures, and lots of sick medical and trauma patients.



Gilbert Ramirez, MD
Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Undergraduate: UC Davis





Stephanie Bauer, DO
Medical School: New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: UC Santa Barbara

Hometown: Sanger, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I'm a soccer fanatic. I love bowling. And if time and circumstance permits I try to squeeze in a music concert.

Why Fresno?: Best part about Fresno is being close to family. Best part about UCSF Fresno... My co-residents!


Brandon Chalfin, MD
Medical School: UC San Diego
Undergraduate: Cornell University

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Snowboarding, gardening, cooking, movies, traveling, international medicine.

Why Fresno?: Amazing pathology, National Parks close by, tons of food grown locally.


Bryan Corbett, MD
Medical School: UC San Diego
Undergraduate: UC San Diego

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I enjoy barbecue, hiking, and long walks on the beach.

Why Fresno?: Great training, close to home.



Laura Ivy, MD
Medical School: University of Colorado
Undergraduate: Whitman College

Hometown: Denver, CO

Hobbies, facts and interests: Traveled around the world for 6 months after college with my best friend and a backpack. I like to fly fish, hike. I have the cutest border collie- Aussie mix with a nub tail. Married to an incredible man that is a high school teacher and climber extraordinaire.

Why Fresno?: Fellow residents and faculty. Proximity to outdoor amazingness! Farmers markets. Affordability.


Matthew Karp, MD
Medical School: UC Davis
Undergraduate: Boston College

Hometown: San Carlos, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Hiking with my dogs, skiing, and bluegrass.

Why Fresno?: Day trips to the mountains.


Thomas Kim, MD
Medical School: New Jersey Medical School
Undergraduate: Dartmouth College

Hometown: New Jersey

Hobbies, facts and interests: Being from the east coast, I've always wanted to live in California. Since moving out here, I've had a chance to do some really fun things outside / outside of the ED. I've rock climbed all over Yosemite (just 2 hours away), skied the Sierras, Shasta, Eastern Sierras (and Argentina during vacation), picked up road & mountain biking... more adventures to come. Every now and then a few of the residents and I get together and have (not-so-fine) woodworking sessions as well. I'm a Parkmedic resident and I dabble in wilderness medicine.

Why Fresno?: The best things about this place are the residents, attendings, and the patients.



Nicholas Kroll, MD
Medical School: University of Utah
Undergraduate: University of Utah

Hometown: Boise, ID

Hobbies, facts and interests: Backcountry skiing with my dog, rock climbing, mountaineering, river rafting, home brewing, mountain biking.

Why Fresno?: The people, the patients, and the mountains.



Regina Laico, MD
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Undergraduate: Northwestern University

Hometown: Novato, CA




Jeffrey Riddell, MD
Medical School: USC
Undergraduate: Whitworth University

Hometown: La Canada, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I once wrestled a griz with my bare hands. I also make a mean batch of iced tea (water + tea bags). When not at home watering my tomatoes or watching hockey, I can be found buying flowers and chocolates for my wife and bones for my dog.

Why Fresno?: Fresno: No traffic, affordable, close to mountains/water, proximity to poverty = opportunity to serve. UCSF: Incredible people, ridiculous number of sick patients per resident, we do everything.


Christina Umber, MD
Medical School:
UC Irvine
Undergraduate: California State University, Chico




Nicklaus Brandehoff, MD
Medical School:  UCSF
Undergraduate:  Whittier College, Whittier, CA

Hometown: Oakley, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I played college baseball, managed an Amish furniture store, worked as a venomous snake wrangler, high-ropes course instructor, horse trainer, as a nanny in Hollywood, and lived in a 13th century castle for 4 months in Ireland. Pretty much your standard resume.

Why Fresno?: The people in the program and the pathology we get to see and treat make this a fantastic place to train.


Jennifer Conti, MD
Medical School:  USC
Undergraduate:  University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Hobbies, facts and interests: Collegiate soccer, Coldwater jumper, Big buck hunt safari champion, a happy girl.

Why Fresno?: The people, the faculty and the patients :)


Leslie Crebassa, MD
Medical School:  UC Davis
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley

Hometown: Petaluma, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I still love anthropology, travel almost any chance I get, enjoy a range of physical activity (climbing, running, swimming, skiing, biking), and have the sense of humor of a stereotypical college-aged male... no wonder I went into EM! My EM interests include low-resource medicine (including wilderness, disaster, expedition/field and international medicine) as well as sports medicine.

Why Fresno?: The people -- residents, faculty, support staff -- at the UCSF Fresno EM program are the best part of the program. The comaraderie shared between everyone, mutual respect, the teaching that comes from many, many years of experience and all the new friendships and activity buddies that develop along the way. The patients we see are a close second best -- the range of pathology and diversity of the patient population are a huge part why this program provides such excellent training. The best part about Fresno as a city is the combination of affordable living with proximity to so many great places (Yosemite, Sequioa, Kings Canyon, Bay Area, Southern California, etc.).


Sarah Garcia, MD
Medical School: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Undergraduate:  Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I started out my life as a beach bum and became a surf instructor at age 12. You can say I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, which makes the ER the perfect place!!! I also spend my time gardening, cooking, playing other sports, and playing with my dog. Another random factoid about me is that I love fruit trees, especially fig trees.

Why Fresno?: 300 days of sun a year!!! Awesome produce. Great food. And our residents and faculty are amazing! I get to work with my friends everyday.

Dan Garrison, MD
Medical School:  Chicago Medical School
Undergraduate: Indiana University

Hometown: Veedersburg, IN

Hobbies, facts and interests: Music- guitar, mandolin, listening. Hiking, camping, amateur carpentry.

Why Fresno?: The training, the people, and the outdoor opportunities.


Jove Graham, MD
Medical School:  Tulane University
Undergraduate:  University of Texas

Hometown: Austin, TX

Hobbies, facts and interests: Languages, running long distances, bike touring, tooling around on guitar, Fresno, jumping off cliffs.

Why Fresno?: The residents, the mountains, all the immigrant groups in town, my garden.

Crystal Ives Tallman, MD
Medical School:  USC
Undergraduate:  Oregon State University

Hometown: Salem, OR

Hobbies, facts and interests: Used to play tackle football in middle school, played on a professional women's football team for a season "the Oregon Unforgiven" (we were terrible).

Why Fresno?: Sequoia! (I mean the forest, but the brewing company is also good).


Daniel Kwan, MD
Medical School:  Washington University
Undergraduate:  UC Berkeley

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Hobbies: Basketball, trying new foods. Work Experience: AmeriCorps VISTA. EM Interests: International medicine, ultrasound, educational technologies.

Why Fresno?: Great pathology, great resident and attending physicians. Proximity to Yosemite and the Bay Area.


Phillip Stalcup, MD

Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Undergraduate:  UC Davis
Hometown: New York, NY

Nicole Wojtal, MD
Medical School:   UCSF
Undergraduate:  UC Berkeley





Brian Blake, MD
Medical School:
  Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Columbia University

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: After college I taught English in France for a year, then worked as a bus boy and investment bank lackey in New York City before going back to school to get my med school prerequisites. I love to work out, play pick up basketball and soccer, play guitar and sing, grill delicious meat, and read anything I can get my hands on.

Why Fresno?: Thanks to my awesome co-residents and faculty, work feels like play. I laugh throughout my entire shift. Then I go home and realize I learned a ton.


Nicholas Gastelum, MD
Medical School:
UC San Diego

Hometown: El Cajon, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Interests/Hobbies: Working out, boxing, beach vacations, burgers, wine, eating my wife’s awesome cooking, watching movies, pugs, science-fiction, sleeping, spending time with friends and family, Breaking Bad. Previous Lives: Souplantation Pasta Chef, High School and College Tutor, Cartilage Tissue Researcher. EM Interests: International Medicine or Ultrasound Fellowships.

Why Fresno?: After rotating here as a medical student, I knew that this was the place where I would truly thrive. Not only is the ED the largest and most organized I have ever seen, it's always able to surprise me with such a great diversity of patients and wide array of pathology. But more importantly, I felt the ED was also filled with some of the best people to work with, including nurses, techs, residents and faculty who made you feel like they had your back and that you were a part of one big family.

Bryan Kaye, MD
Medical School:
  University of Arizona College of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Arizona

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Hobbies, facts and interests: My favorite hobby, by far, is making bad jokes, but in my spare time I like to spend time with my family/friends, hike, snowboard, scuba dive, run, and travel. I have actually been to 29 countries and I am now, and forever will be, broke because of my addiction to traveling.

Why Fresno?: The people! From the day I interviewed at UCSF Fresno, I knew that these were my people. I absolutely love my co-residents and faculty and truly could not be happier here.

Alicia Kurtz, MD
Medical School:
  Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Loyola Marymount University

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: I'm a certified Spinning & Group Fitness Instructor and self-declared expert in all things Trader Joe's. I love yoga, pretending I know how to surf (I definitely don't...), trying new things, flip flops, really good food, and doing handstands in the pool. (I am awesome at that last one.)

Why Fresno?: The people are so high quality and made me feel like family from the moment I arrived. Also, the patient population is incredible, and our faculty are fantastic teachers who love training residents as much as they love EM. This makes the learning that happens here unlike most other programs. I'm still realizing how lucky I am to be here!


Eli Lessard, MD
Medical School:
  Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California  
UC Santa Cruz

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Outdoor stuff mostly as far as hobbies go, pretty much anything if it's in the mountains or on the water. I did Peace Corps in South America before med school. I'm married and have an obnoxious child and equally obnoxious dog.

Why Fresno?: The mountains, cost of living, Grizzlies baseball, not too shabby. As for the hospital, nice residents, chill attendings, free starbucks, 'nuff said.


Scott Owens, MD
Medical School:
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Hobbies, facts and interests: In a previous life, I studied history and Arabic with a plan to work in international relations. I lived briefly in Lebanon, but soon after discovered EMS and changed directions in life. I got totally absorbed in EMS and rescue work, started medical school, and was lucky enough to get the coolest job imaginable training as an emergency physician. I'm also really into rock climbing.

Why Fresno?: The volume and acuity of patients is unlike anything I had seen before. The people are great, and Yosemite being a day trip away is an unbelievable perk.


Steven Riccoboni, MD
Medical School:
  Weill Cornell Medical College
Undergraduate: Santa Clara University

Hometown: Los Altos, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: In previous lives I appraised vintage rock n roll memorabilia in SF and led student tours across Europe out of going into medicine was the logical next step. My EM interests include international medicine and sports medicine, and in my free time I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, and watching the Niners, Giants, and Sharks.

Why Fresno?: The people! Also, being on the doorstep of the Sierras is pretty sweet.


Jeremy Salsberg, MD
Medical School:
  University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Undergraduate: California Polytechnic State University

Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Previous Jobs - Amusement Park Character, Plumber, Caddy. Hobbies - Soccer, Hockey, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Cooking.

Why Fresno?: The people here are amazing. The faculty, staff and especialy fellow residents have been so welcoming, willing to teach and just genuinely fun people. I will also not miss Ohio winters and am glad to be close to family again.

Gabriel Schroeder, MD
Medical School:
  Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: California State University, Fresno

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Reading, playing guitar, going out to nice restaurants, going to Vegas, Texas hold 'em poker, games of all types (board games, video games).

Why Fresno?: Amazing teachers and mentors, outstanding patient population. Close proximity to Yosemite and central California coast.

Keith Wilson, MD
Medical School:
Undergraduate: San Diego State University

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Hobbies, facts and interests: Past life worked as a Paramedic/Firefighter Love all things outdoors -- hiking, swimming, biking, paddling, diving, etc.

Why Fresno?: Close to mountains, Yosemite, lakes, etc. Great Clinical Training.