What contributions to the National Parks Service (NPS)/Sequoia Kings National Park (SEKI) EMS have been made over the years by the Parkmedic Program?

-Standardized NPS Patient Care Report - created through our program, this document has been revised and adopted for use throughout the National Park Service.

-Standardized EMT-Basic and Parkmedic protocols – originally produced by our program for SEKI, these protocols have been revised with national input and are currently in draft form for NPS-wide application.

-January course – this six week course has trained the majority of the Parkmedics in the NPS.

-EMS database – initially designed for local use at SEKI, this database is currently being incorporated into a NPS-wide EMS/SAR (Search and Rescue) database.-NPS/EMS conferences – Dr.’s Shalit and Stroh, as well as many of the Parkmedic residents, have attended, presented, and facilitated sessions at these national conferences.

-Research – many publications have been generated from this program. There is always an ongoing list of current research projects/scholarly activities. Residents have the opportunity to join existing projects or develop their own research projects based on personal interest in specific areas of EMS and wilderness medicine.