Marc Shalit, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Associate EMS Medical Director, CCEMSA
Medical Director, Parkmedic Program
Clinical Professor of EM, UCSF


Geoff Stroh, MD
Assistant EMS Medical Director, CCEMSA
Co-Medical Director, Parkmedic Program UCSF Fresno
Associate Clinical Professor of EM, UCSF


Danielle Campagne, MD
Clinical Instructor of EM, UCSF

Megann Young, MD

Clinical Instructor of EM,  UCSF

Rawnie Ruegner, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of EM, UCSF

What is the Parkmedic Program?


Drs. Campagne, , Macias, Stroh and Young serve as the National Medical Advisors to the National Park Service (NPS) for EMS. In 2000, University Medical Center was awarded the contract to provide EMS/medical direction to the National Parks. Drs. Shalit and Stroh accepted the challenge and have never looked back.  Dr. Campagne joined the PM faculty starting in 2008.  Drs. Macias and Young joined a few years later.

Several of the many program accomplishments include:

Ongoing projects include:

Drs. Campagne, Shalit, and Stroh extend their deepest gratitude to the Emergency Medicine parkmedic residents, the UCSF-Fresno medical education program, the UMC Emergency Department, and the National Park Service EMS Medical Advisors for all the help and support in making the above mentioned items come to fruition. Without all their contributions, much of this work would remain unfinished.