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Offered in association with the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, the Academic Research Associates (ARA) Program offers premedical undergraduate students a unique opportunity to observe clinical medicine and participate in biomedical research. The program takes place within the Emergency and Surgery Departments at Community Regional Medical Center, and participants may join the program on a volunteer basis, or receive college credit (1 unit at Fresno State as an elective course).



Our program was developed by Dr. Greg Hendey
and Brandy Snowden, MPH and is based on a similar program developed by Dr. Judd Hollander at the University of Pennsylvania in the mid 1990’s.
The Academic Research Associate position is an important responsibility requiring maturity, initiative, diligence and excellent interpersonal skills. In addition to gaining experience in conducting medical research and acquiring familiarity with how the emergency department functions, associates can learn about careers in Medicine from the doctors, nurses, and medical students.



The data collected by the Academic Associates are analyzed by the faculty doctors and their associates in support of a number of ongoing clinical research studies. Our goal is to publish each study in a medical journal, with the hope of increasing
medical knowledge and improving patient care.





How do I apply?


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You may obtain more information or apply to the ARA program through your school, your pre-med program office, or by contacting us at:

Svetlana Bagdasarov, MPH
Research Coordinator
ARA Program Director
UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine
(559) 499-6432