UCSF Fresno Medical Education program champions providing an ethical professional, and educational environment in which curricular and applicable requirements for furthering scholarly activity and general competencies can be met.  UCSF Fresno seeks to improve the health of the public honoring educational systems that foster the development of outstanding physicians, medical scientists, and leaders of medicine who will respond to the Central Valley’s evolving health care needs.  We are committed to providing a diverse, supportive, and challenging educational environment so that residents can prepare for a variety of careers, all characterized by commitment to excellence, lifelong learning, and service to others through patient care, research, and teaching.


UCSF Fresno Graduate Medical Education, it’s administration and leadership are dedicated to providing:


The UCSF Fresno Graduate Medical Education Committee is committed to provide the oversight necessary to foster graduate medical education programs in which physicians in training develop personal, clinical and professional competence under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff.  Graduate Medical Education Programs will ensure the progression of responsibilities through demonstrated clinical experience, knowledge and skill.




Joan Voris, MD
DIO/Associate Dean,
UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program


David Irby, PhD
Vice Dean for Medical Education

UC Regents

Jack Chubb

Chief Executive Officer
Community Regional Medical Center


Alan S. Perry, FACHE

William F. Haug
President & Chief Executive Officer
Children’s Hospital Central California