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2019 UCSF Fresno Mini Med School

Sept. 10 | Sept. 17 | Sept. 24 | Oct. 1

UCSF Fresno, the San Joaquin Valley’s largest physician-training program, is proud to present the Eighth Annual Mini Med School. During this free public lecture series, attendees will meet UCSF Fresno experts, learn about local trends in medicine and health sciences and receive hands-on experience at a medical skills session. The four-session series will take place on Tuesday evenings, from Sept. 10 – Oct. 1.

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UCSF Fresno Continuing Medical Education Program

UCSF Fresno offers year-round Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for physicians, nurses, medical assistants and other health care providers in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout California. Presentations by accomplished faculty and distinguished scholars from UCSF Fresno, across the state, country and globe, provide symposium attendees with leading edge research and expert content to inform and enhance quality of care.

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UP CLOSE | UCSF Fresno Experts Perform Surgery for Rare Parasitic Disease

The first time, the young man felt an intense pain in his belly, the sudden attack lasted for five minutes.

The next attack came as unexpectedly as the first, and disappeared as quickly.

The south San Joaquin Valley resident knew something was wrong, but examinations by doctors and blood work at the local hospital had found nothing out of the ordinary.

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We are your UCSF Fresno.
Dr. Michael Peterson talks about the history of UCSF Fresno.
Hear from some of the faculty as UCSF Fresno celebrates 40 years of history.

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