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April 11, 2015

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UCSF Fresno Announces New Fellowship in Sleep Medicine


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UCSF Fresno trains Park Rangers from across the U.S. 

Every two years, Park Rangers from across the country come to UCSF Fresno to train to become Parkmedics as part of the UCSF Fresno National Park Service Parkmedic Program. Parkmedics are rangers with specialty medical training similar to an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.  The program includes four weeks of classroom instruction and two weeks of hospital and ambulance training. Training takes place at UCSF Fresno and Community Regional Medical Center. American Ambulance and the Sanger Fire Department assist with the clinical field training. Parkmedics prepare for emergencies such as bear attacks, climbing injuries, burns, water rescues and many other situations. The course is organized by the Parkmedic faculty and two fourth-year residents from the Department of Emergency Medicine. This year's course directors are residents Thomas Kim, MD, and Christina Umber, MD. The unique training enables Rangers to handle medical and trauma emergencies in the remote and diverse settings of the U.S. National Park System. 


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