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UCSF Fresno focuses on women at free health fair on Oct. 14


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UCSF Fresno shows university students the ROAD to becoming a doctor


UCSF Fresno and many other partners recently held the first Reaching Out to Aspiring Doctors (ROAD) for the San Joaquin Valley. Nearly 200 students, speakers and volunteers turned out for the event at UCSF Fresno. The aim of the conference was to provide students with information, networking and hands-on skills essential to exploring and achieving their educational goals of becoming primary care physicians, researchers and public health professionals who will work to improve health in the San Joaquin Valley. In addition to providing students with a roadmap from undergraduate degree to medical school to practicing physician, students had the opportunity to interact with doctors at various stages of their training along with practicing physicians. ROAD was funded by an HCTP Mini-Grant from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and a contribution from Educational Employees Credit Union.


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